Let’s Talk About National Socialism

John Hardon
Hardon’s Blog
October 19, 2013

In this article I will explain in layman’s terms just what National Socialism is all about, and more importantly, dispel the myths that have been drip fed into your consciousness since the day you were born. I am talking to ALL races here, not just the noble White Aryan race.

Eagle of Justice, spread thy wings.

First, we will briefly dispel some of the myths conjured up by our Eternal Enemy, designed to defame the memory of the greatest leader of the last thousand years.

1.) “Nazis” are hateful “White Supremacists”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists had no desire to control or exploit people of different races, and to suggest that he wished to exterminate them is pure fantasy. National Socialist policy dictates that every race has a right to live and prosper in their own lands, by means of their own inventiveness and labor.

2.) The Nazi’s killed 6 million Jews: they gassed them in chambers and made lampshades out of their skin

This is an out and out lie; for a start, how would it be possible for National Socialist Germany to exterminate 6,000,000 Jews whilst fighting a war (that the Jew instigated) on numerous fronts between 1939 and 1945 – that equates to a million a year; do the math. It means they would have to gas or exterminate one million Jews a year, or 83,000 a month, or 19,000 a week. This is impossible and has been totally debunked by many a scholar, and even the Jews themselves. The ‘Human Lampshades’ and ‘Shrunken heads’ have been proven to be badly made ‘props’ produced for ‘Allied’ propaganda purposes.

3.) Hitler was a mad dictator

Adolf Hitler was a visionary, elected democratically by the German people of all classes. He could see that the Jewish International Banking Cartel was bleeding his country dry. The first thing he did was to close down and expel the Rothschild owned banks and the rest of the parasites that existed living a life of affluence, while the German people starved. He offered every Jew residing in Germany 1,000 DM to leave, and many did, but many decided to remain, thinking that their ideology of communism would defeat Hitler and in doing so their parasitic paradise could remain intact.

He continued to be supported by his people until the end, and it was only through intense psychological terrorism that the Germans eventually accepted that Hitler was not the hero they knew him in their hearts to be.

4.) Hitler was against gays and race-mixing

Yes, he was.  Homosexuality goes against nature, and National Socialism is based on the rules of nature. Procreation needs a male and a female, and nature is all about procreation of the individual race or species. This same reasoning was behind his opposition to race-mixing. Miscegenation can only result in offspring with no sense of belonging or racial identity. Race is not as the Jew would like us to believe, ‘Just a social construct.’  Race is reality created by nature for an express purpose. The Jew believes this for his own race, but you as a lowly Goy are not allowed to.

Think of the words: National Socialism.

We are people who care about our distinct racial heritage, and seek to protect it – Nationalists – and desire to care for the vulnerable, needy and sick of our kinsfolk – Socialist.  There is no reason that all races of the planet should not be able to embrace such a philosophy.

Look around you, the world that the Creator gave us is a beautiful place, nature is wonderful. Who’s screwing it all up? The Jew-invented monetary system, whereby every one of you is in debt to the Jew via the system of ‘usury.’ There is no reason for us to accept this. We must break the shackles and embrace National Socialism. It is the only salvation, not just for our race, but for all races. If we carry on with the Jewish plan, we will all lose our racial identity forever. Except for  one race – the Jew. After all, according to them they are ‘The Chosen one’s’.

Yes, that is Eva Braun (at the beginnig of this video, picking flowers). The woman that loved and adored Adolf, and was willing to die with him rather than be defiled and ravaged by the invading hordes of Marxist and ‘Allied’ scum.

Hail Victory