Liechtenstein: Non-Fat 51-Year-Old Prince Suddenly Drops Dead

This always happened.

Stop talking now.


His Serene Highness Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein died “unexpectedly” aged 51 this week, the Princely Family of the European nation said.

A statement from the Liechtenstein Fürstenhaus this week revealed the death of His Serene Highness Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein. The youngest son of the present reigning Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II, Constantin was seventh in line.

No cause of death was given and the family said the death had come “unexpectedly” to the 51 year old European royal and businessman. Radio Liechtenstein reports Constantin had studied law in Germany in the 1990s and was a member of the Austrian Council for Sustainable Development.

Liechtenstein is presently under two days of national mourning and residents have been asked to fly flags at half-mast, or with a mourning ribbon.

Nothing to see here.

Just stop talking.

This always happened.