Germany Seeing Massive Increase in Bankruptcies, More Than in 2008 Financial Crisis

Remember when Anglin said that Germany was going to be “deindustrialized” by the American war on Russia? Remember people said it was totally exaggerated and it wouldn’t even be a big deal?


You’re on the path to deindustrialization now. You can’t just shut down an industrial economy’s entire energy industry – even outside of the total slowdown of exports due to the US forming an Iron Curtain. (Also outside of the insane plan of the US fed to print massive amounts of money to pass out to blacks, immigrants, and poor people – and then just literally pay everyone not to work – because of a fake virus, and then act surprised by inflation, then declare inflation a crisis.)

This is all retarded. It’s retarded and insane and it is only possible because baby boomers thought it was a good idea to put Jews in charge of everything because they felt bad about the Holocaust – which, by the way, did not even happen.

This thing with the Jews – it just has to stop. It’s out of control.


Germany’s economy continues its downward spiral as bankruptcies soar in 2023, according to a report from credit agency Creditreform.

The data shows that there were 18,100 bankruptcy cases, representing a 23.5 percent increase over last year.

“More and more companies are collapsing under the constant burden of high energy prices and the interest rate turnaround,” said Patrik-Ludwig Hantzsch, head of economic research at Creditreform.


I know.

Creditreform reports that the economic damage from defaults amounts to €34 billion for creditors, which means that 205,000 jobs are at risk or already have been lost, 30,000 more than last year.

Looks like Germany is going to need a fentanyl industry, huh???

Porno isn’t enough to deal with that kind of unemployment!

The German economy has been facing major headwinds since the Covid-19 crisis, but the Ukraine war, high interest rates, and the green energy transition have saddled many consumers and businesses with enormous costs.

There is also little hope on the horizon, with German media outlet Tagesspiegel writing, “There is no improvement in the situation in sight.”

Yeah, that’s what’s so fucked – there is literally no plan to fix any of it, on any timescale.

These faggots cannot even say “well, it should be better in 2060,” because the stated plan of the Jews running this shit is “eternal war against Russia and shut down all electricity sources and replace them with useless windmills that are going to poison the entire earth with rare earth minerals that are going to be dumped everywhere.”

Video from a year ago

This is simply not reasonable.

It is out of control, on every conceivable level. Every aspect of everything that is happening everywhere in the Jewish-controlled West is nonsensical and purposefully self-destructive.

The newspaper notes that the number of bankruptcies was far higher than during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009; however, Hantzsch from Creditreform warns that unlike then, this time around no recovery phase is on the horizon. Due to “the many problems faced by companies — burdens such as the costs of the ‘green’ transformation, a lack of digitalization, a lack of employees and high interest rates — there is no sign of any improvement.”

Oh, is that every single fucking thing Anglin said – during the virus hoax?

How did he know it and these people didn’t?

How is that possible?

He might be smart, but he’s not Jesus. He’s not a wizard.

These people knew this shit – this is on purpose.

Creditreform reports that construction had the most bankruptcies of any industry, where there was a 20.8 percent increase. However, other sectors saw an even larger jump, even if the overall number of bankruptcies was still lower. In the service sector, bankruptcies rose 22.5 percent, trades saw a 26 percent increase, and manufacturing was hit with an increase of 30.2 percent.

Germany is currently experiencing a recession, but the crisis has been building over the years for many companies, said Hantzsch.

“Many companies that are now insolvent have been battling multiple crises such as coronavirus, inflation and a shortage of skilled workers for years,” he said. “As a lagging indicator, the figures now reflect the close succession of crises in recent years.”

No one battled “the coronavirus.”

The coronavirus did not exist. They renamed the flu.

What people battled was insane “anti-virus” policies driven by the American government, which is run by the Jews.

Jews are doing this on purpose, and what no one is able to grasp is that it doesn’t actually even benefit them. They are doing it because they are in league with demons.

The reason the Jew issue is so difficult for people to grasp is that they think “yeah but why?” There is no reason why, other than that they are literally a satanic cult attempting to just totally destroy everything on purpose.