Memetic Monday: I May Not Agree with Your Prompt, But I’ll Die for Your Right to Type It


The time has come for very extreme e-begging to begin. I don’t ever think about this funding issue, because I don’t really care as long as the site is funded, but we now have a problem. I got some big donations a few years ago and just didn’t pay attention to what was happening as the funds dried up.

The site is going under, because very few of you will send Monero. So, I’m now going to accept Bitcoin, but you have to email me for a unique address.

Here’s the email:

Just send an email that says anything and it will automatically respond with a unique BTC address. I’m not going to read the emails, so don’t write me letters. Every email will just get a reply that has a unique address in it.

This isn’t foolproof in terms of security, but it’s a lot more secure than just posting an address, and at the very least, you have serious plausible deniability. I will obfuscate the coins further, but you should take some reasonable precautions if you’re not doxed.

I wanted to do Monero only, but it’s just not working, and we now have a bad problem.

If you stopped donating because I stopped accepting Bitcoin, then please send a lot. Bitcoin is up and going up now. So send huge amounts. Send unfathomably massive quantities. Then I won’t have to ask again for several more years.

Remember: you’d be dead if it wasn’t for me. I am your best parasocial friend, and probably, the only person on earth who truly understands you and loves you for who you are.

Obviously, if you’ve got money problems, don’t send a lot. Rich people should send incredible, staggering amounts. But even if you’re broke, send something. I mean, come on. You read this site every day, it probably takes at least 20 minutes. It’s the best part of your day. You owe me at least a gesture. You’re not starving to death. Send me $20 or something. Seriously.

If you want to send some kind of ETH thing, I can probably figure out a way to take that discreetly. I don’t really want to mess with anything else, unless someone is legit going to send me a massive amount of shitcoins. I prefer Bitcoin. Actually, I prefer Monero, but you see how that’s gone.

I’m going to be shilling this aggressively. Aside from the site problems, I need to have this brain tumor operated on. I’ve decided to not have it removed, because it is making me more powerful, but I want to have a hole drilled in my head to release the pressure and have part of the tumor cut out. I just want to get the lad a bit of a trim, so there remains space in my skull for my brain.

Having a professional drill a hole in your head is NOT CHEAP. I don’t want to have to do it myself, and if I do have to do it myself, I need to pay someone to clean up the blood.

Thanks, friend!


The power of AI art is beyond your comprehension.

The top issue of the day is not AI, because AI week starts tomorrow, because Monday is a meme holiday. All weekly events, as we are now doing theme-based weekly events, will begin on Tuesday.

Weekly events, however, do not mean that every article of the week will be on these events. The filler will remain similar. But the main feature pieces will fit the theme.

However, today, the most important issue is the boomer who shot those faggots in the road.

I wrote about this, and turned it into a thing about the behavior of boomers abroad. The article was really good. However, there are some other angles.

First, though the protesters were “environmental,” they don’t actually appear to have been global warmers as was originally reported. Supposedly, they were protesting some mining thing. It’s possible that was a reasonable request. However, they were definitely using the tactics of the global warmers. In my view, it doesn’t matter how reasonable your request might be, you don’t have a right to block a road.

Aside from it simply being intolerable to treat the people this way, to make your problem their problem when they in fact have nothing to do with it, this behavior does and will kill people. Ambulances have been unable to get to injured people and people have died. So they are not non-violent, and if there is no other way to get them out of the road, I don’t see a problem with simply shooting them.

Honestly, I think they should all be shot. I’m so sick of it. I’m sick of the attacks on works of art, the subway terrorism, all of it.

I have less than zero sympathy for global warmers in total, because global warming is literally fake, basically as “scientific” as trannies, and it just makes me sick that the goyim are such mindless cattle that they will believe something like this. If there is some corrupt mining thing in the Third World run by international cartels that are bribing the local government, I probably would be sympathetic, but the blocking of the road ends my sympathy.

However, I don’t think anyone is actually mad enough about this to start executing people in the street. I assume there was other stuff going on there, which I speculated about in my piece.

However, pulling out a gun and executing these people in the street in a calm and collected manner is fundamentally hilarious. Going to someone else’s country to do it makes it significantly funnier. So, I’m not against the memes. I like the memes and despite mitigating factors regarding potentially valid complaints of the protesters or the general boomerism, I basically agree with lionizing him as a man who just can’t take it anymore.

The memes are good. The images of the guy walking down the street, and his face with the shell casing caught by the camera is just fantastic optics.

This is to say: there is a difference between the imagery and the details of the thing. The imagery is powerful and meaningful, regardless of any other factors. I was always going to make these comments after doing my bit on boomers in the Third World. I meant to write an article, but since it’s a question of memes, I thought this intro is as good a place as any.

I could have written about AI here, since AI week dawns tomorrow. But the AI revolution has already begun.

Today is the day: AI art is now eligible for Pick of the Week.

I am completely objective in claiming to have made the single best piece of AI art this week. The runner-up was made by some other genius.

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:


The primo collection!


Today will most likely be filler trash like most Mondays, because these memes take F O R E V E R, and because I’m working on AI stuff.

AI week shall commence tomorrow, totally, and you will not be able to even begin to comprehend the revelations. Actually, it’s not gonna get too weird, unless I eat this quarter ounce of mushrooms I picked up. I told the dealer I had a brain tumor and he just looked at me, jaw gaping, and finally said: “brehhhhh. You’re in for hella shit.” I slapped him for using the word “hella,” and he looked at me shocked, and I said “my bad, I have a brain tumor,” and he was like “ah, right brah, no probs. Hella.”

Then I stole his watch he left laying on his kitchen table and left.