LOL: Syriza Negotiates Worse Deal Than Samaras!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2015

Don't make that face, Alexis!  No one feels bad for you!
Don’t make that face, Alexis! No one feels bad for you!

Syriza, who was voted in for the singular purpose that they were going to stand up to the EU, has not only failed to do so, but may in fact have “renegotiated” into a worse deal than the Samaras government!

This must be laughed at.

The entire deal was done in secret by the Minister of Finance, without the presence of advisers, making it rather clear that it was just a “show me the paper and I’ll sign it” situtaion. This literally means that Syriza is officially the worst shill party ever in the history of democracy!

What’s more, the agreement they singed makes their own program illegal!

New Left Project:

What has not been discussed at all, so far, are the legal consequences for Greece that follow from the agreement signed by Varoufakis, as the document seems to recognize fully the laws and the terms of the Memorandum.  It is worth noting that the Minister of Finance was not accompanied by any experienced staff and that during the Eurogroup meeting there wasn’t a single legal expert in the Greek delegation to examine the formulations of the document. 

Concerns are already being voiced after yesterday’s leaks by the German government, reported by Nikos Heilas, the Berlin correspondent of the newspaper To Vima, that the November 2012 agreement, and more particularly its clauses stipulating an alleviation of the Greek debt through a possible future rescheduling and the lowering of the interest rate, is no longer valid. According to the Germans, in the agreement signed by Varoufakis ‘it is clearly stated that Greece will repay its debts completely and in a timely manner to all of its lenders’.  If this is indeed the case, then it will be extremely embarrassing for Greece.

As such, no proper discussion of the real content of the agreement took place at the meeting of the Parliamentary Group.  Nevertheless, nearly all MPs insisted that the government should immediately begin implementing its own programme – as it  had promised to do before the elections – by bringing its first legislative programme to parliament as a matter of urgency.  Alexis Tsipras agreed to this, and assured them that the implementation of the programme will start normally in the next few days.

It is, however, still unclear how this can happen. Almost every commitment of Syriza’s ‘Thessaloniki programme’ will be considered a ‘unilateral action’ if it does not gain the approval of the Troika/Institutions.  And such actions are strictly prohibited by the text of the Eurogroup agreement.

Greece is one of the only countries in the world with a real and hardcore nationalist group to vote for – a party which never would have sold out like this – and yet they voted for fake communists. Hopefully, they’ve finally learned their lesson!

The time has come!
The time has come!