Lula Asks Brandon to Please Stop Starting Wars Everywhere

I’m kinda worn out on a Sunday and just doing filler right now (I already wrote that long article about Vivek, go read that). But at some point, I’m going to have to try to make a list of the various global conflicts Brandon is actively promoting, and the statements he’s made – it’s amazing just how much he’s changed the US status quo towards war.

It’s a lot worse than George Bush, who leftists used to mock as a warmonger.

This guy is like friggin’ Genghis Khan. Except Genghis was cool and didn’t try to force anyone to have gay sex. Though he did force a lot of women to have heterosexual sex (rape = based).


Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has unveiled a new campaign to boost infrastructure spending and attract foreign investment, partly by making an anti-war appeal to US commander-in-chief Joe Biden.

We are going to tell Biden… the United States has only been thinking about war for many years and not thinking about investment in Brazil,” Lula said on Friday at an event in Rio de Janeiro to rally support for the spending program. “Spend a little money investing in our country because that is what will bring peace to our country.”

Speaking to government ministers, governors and business executives, Lula said Brazil’s leaders will need to travel the world “to sell these projects.” He aims to seek overseas financing and foreign investment – targeting the US, China, the United Arab Emirates and countries in Europe – to help fund his so-called Growth Acceleration Program, known by its Portuguese acronym PAC.

The pitch to Biden will be made in September, when he expects to meet with the US president on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Lula has maintained neutrality on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, calling repeatedly for peace talks to end the fighting. “The world is starting to get tired” of the Ukraine crisis, he said last month after a meeting of EU and Latin American leaders in Brussels.

“Tired” is the correct word.

I am so tired.

Biden is pushing for wars with Russia, China, and now Africa. Probably also Iran.

It’s obviously all part of the same conflict, effectively – this is a global war that’s being fixed up, more or less along the same lines as the old Cold War. But it isn’t presented that way. It’s presented like this guy just really likes doing wars everywhere.

Taiwan exists? Yeah, we should probably do a war there.

An African state had a change of government? Looks like we’re gonna need a war.

Burma? What is that? Anyway, send in the terrorists.

I know the reflexive conservative thing is to say “OH I THOUGHT DEMOCRATS WERE AGAINST WAR,” but that’s really sort of gay and retarded. It’s not historically true if you go back past the Vietnam War, and it wasn’t true with Kosovo and various other conflicts I could list off.

It might seem like the left should be against war, but that is not how they view themselves and it’s not an “own” to call them hypocrites over it.

It fact, calling people hypocrites is always gay and retarded. People are doing whatever they’re doing because they want to do it for some reason, and appealing to a sense of shame is not a valid or viable political tactic.