Macron Apologizes on Behalf of France for Blacks Chopping Each Other Up with Machetes

The French President is apologizing because France sold guns to Rwanda without knowing they were going to use them for a genocide (or whatever).

This is a very strange new way to transfer responsibility for the actions of black people onto whites.


The French president has recognized France’s “overwhelming responsibility” for the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which an estimated 800,000 people were killed in the space of 100 days, and has asked for the survivors’ forgiveness.

Speaking on Thursday during a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, President Emmanuel Macron accepted his country’s part in the genocide during a solemn speech. He said that France “was not an accomplice” to the genocide but was responsible.

The president said that France did not listen to those who warned them about the impending massacre and stood by the genocidal regime. In a long-awaited speech, Macron said France has “for too long been silent on the examination of the truth.”

The real reason Macron went to Rwanda was to shop for some new bulls for his wife

His visit and speech were presented as the “final stage of normalization of relations” between the two nations, after more than 25 years of tensions stemming from France’s role in Rwanda’s tragedy.

“On this path, only those who went through that night can perhaps forgive, give us the gift of forgiving,” the president noted.

At the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the remains of more than 250,000 victims are buried. An estimated 800,000 thousand people, mostly the minority Tutsis, died between April and July 1994 in the “land of a thousand hills.”

It’s always good to remember that the United States did nothing about this actual genocide, and it was rarely even on TV.

Compare that to their handling of a fake genocide in China. The US government says that China arresting terrorists and sending them to a camp and making them sing songs about Glorious Emperor Xi is “genocide.”

These accusations made by the Jewish-Democrat war machine are stupid.

Singing a song is not a genocide, sipping on gin and juice is not a genocide, and I can guarantee you, the average Moslem terrorist would rather be singing a song in a Chinese terrorist reeducation camp than getting waterboarded and shocked with a car battery at Guantanamo Bay.

Beyond not even mentioning the Rwanda genocide, the American government’s “Genocide Police” actively endorse the child-killing Jews. What is going on in Palestine is literally a genocide, not some theoretical “cultural genocide” where you have to sing a song and eat the delicious flesh of cute piggies.

European countries are all looking for reasons to apologize to the blacks.

Germany this week falsely took responsibility for a different genocide.

Clearly, they are jealous of America and their ability to grovel before the blacks. Fake atrocities against the blacks are the core of the new religion, and everyone wants in on it.

Decadent white liberals (particularly females) have an obsession with demonstrating their morality by prostrating before the blacks and apologizing for being white.

This is a new religious order, and it should be condemned.

If blacks had any sense of what was going on, they would demand that these people stop using them as a way to promote their own holiness.

White people getting involved in the Black Lives Matter movement actually is a type of exploitation of black people, in that they are used as these religious objects. Meanwhile, blacks have gained nothing from this movement, other than an exploding murder rate.

France and Germany will give money to these African countries, but it will all just be gobbled up by their corrupt governments – just like all the BLM money is gobbled up by that fat black lesbian who is buying all those houses.

Black people are so stupid.

They have been made the center of the entire Western social order, and they are unable to parlay that into any kind of material benefit for themselves.

Well, I guess some of them got some Nikes.