Rwanda Forces Major Women’s Rights Conference to Listen to Anti-Abortion Hungarian President

Rwanda is right about women’s rights.

The Guardian:

Delegates at a women’s rights conference in Rwanda have expressed shock and anger at the appearance of the Hungarian president.

Katalin Novák, who is anti-abortion and an important player in the international “anti-gender movement”, was invited to speak at the Women Deliver conference in Kigali this week, where reproductive rights is one of the critical areas under discussion.

We were taken aback,” said conference attendee Bruna Martinez, an activist from Brazil and member of Young Feminist Europe. “We don’t understand why a woman like this would be invited.”

Before becoming president in 2022, Novák served as the family minister in Viktor Orbán’s government and was key in implementing the government’s pro-natalist policies. She has told Hungarian women that they “shouldn’t compete with men” or expect to earn the same amount of money.

Novák has also hosted representatives of the Alliance Defending Freedom – a US organisation designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center – and has given state awards to high-profile anti-abortion activists such as Edit Frivaldszky and Ilona Keresztes.

Novák is also a former leader of the Political Network for Values, an international organisation that works to oppose abortion and same-sex marriage around the world.

“I am the first woman president of my country,” Novák told the Women Deliver opening ceremony on Monday, to great applause. She said that increasing the fertility rate is Hungary’s goal for gender equality and expressed hope that her teenage daughter will feel empowered to have “even 10 children if she chooses to”.

Delphine O, a French ambassador-at-large and special envoy for the global Generation Equality initiative, tweeted that Novak’s “so-called ‘pro-family’ values are at odds with what the feminists in the room stand for”.

Maliha Khan, the president and CEO of Women Deliver, said that she was opposed to inviting Novák but agreed to platform her at the behest of the Rwandan government. “If we want to achieve what we want to achieve, we have to partner with and talk to people who we don’t agree with on many many things,” she said.

The woman problem really is the core problem in society.

You can blame Jews for giving women power, but if the Jews didn’t have these women on their side, Jews would not be capable of much at all.

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