Macron Says Putin is a Cool Guy, Russia Not Losing

Ukraine shills are in full damage control mode after one of the leaders of the Anal Supremacist Order came out and said Putin is a really nice guy and winning the war.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is not an “unpleasant” man, Emmanuel Macron has said, but that cannot be an excuse for launching a “war” on Ukraine. The French president made the bizarre remark during an appearance on Saturday at Les Rencontres du Papotin, a TV program hosted by a group of journalists with autism.

Macron was grilled by the journalists on assorted issues, including his ties with Putin.

When you meet him like that, he’s not unpleasant. That’s the paradox,” Macron stated, adding that “there is nothing to justify starting a war.”

The French president also expressed his view of the roots of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, alleging that the true goal of Putin was the restoration of the Russian “empire.” Macron, however, did not elaborate on how exactly the ongoing hostilities might help achieve this alleged goal.

Basically, he launched this war to recover territories and to extend Russia’s perimeter to the empire that once existed. He took a very heavy responsibility for himself, his people, obviously for the people of Ukraine, and for us all. This is how I see things,” Macron said.

The president also warned about giving in to the misconception that the Russian troops were somehow on the verge of defeat in Ukraine. While those forces have sustained certain casualties, Macron asserted, Kiev’s forces were nowhere near achieving a battlefield victory.

They’re somewhere near getting totally annihilated, actually.

This Bakhmat situation is disgusting.

Ukrainians are whiny cowards and they never should have started this lunatic war against Russia in the first place.

Who the hell starts a war and then just starts immediately whining, then whines for a year?

So gay.