Macron Triples Down on Comments About Sending NATO Troops to the Ukraine

Previously: Macron Now Talking About Sending NATO Troops to the Ukraine

I thought I was late on this news, because Macron made some other statement to this effect over the weekend and I forgot to report on it.

But no.

These statements are from Tuesday – a tripling down.

This comes after many EU countries have denounced him, including Germany, which is the only relevant power in Europe. (Of course, while Scholz was denouncing him, his own government was planning to send in more Germans into the Ukraine to use Taurus missiles and bomb the Crimea bridge. So this is all a complete mess.)

I don’t know why Macron keeps saying this. There are all kinds of possible reasons. Probably the most obvious is that he’s a weirdo who wants attention so he feels important. But he also could have said it for more conspiratorial reasons – to give Scholz and others an opportunity to denounce this strange agenda.

Regardless, France is an irrelevant country, and doesn’t have the ability to make this decision. Of course, Germany can’t make the decision either. Only America can. And Victoria Nuland just got fired, so…


French President Emmanuel Macron told expats in Prague on Tuesday it was time for Ukraine’s allies to step up, adding that a moment was being approached “in our Europe where it will be appropriate not to be a coward.”

Oh, suck my dick, you homo.

Wait – can I walk back that sentence…?

Never mind.

A man who is not going to fight in a war calling other people who won’t fight in wars “cowards” is absurd. Macron is not Napoleon. He’s not going to lead the French military in an invasion of Russia. (If he was going to do that, then yes, he would have the right to call others cowards.)

Macron has faced a backlash from many Western allies after he discussed the idea of sending Western troops to Ukraine at a Paris-based conference on Ukraine on Feb. 26.

But during a visit to Prague on Tuesday, Macron said he stood by his comments, and that a “strategic leap” was necessary.

In a reference to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Macron said that France and the Czech Republic were “well aware that war is back on our soil (in Europe), that some powers which have become unstoppable are extending every day their threat of attacking us even more, and that we will have to live up to history and the courage that it requires.”

This is just total Americanism.

America is the only country that has pushed the talking point that Putin is going to invade and conquer Western Europe. So, maybe America is telling him to say this? I don’t know. Who knows. Who cares?

Anyone can see that Europe is a disaster, and that Russia would have zero reason to want to rule over a bunch of faggots and niggers who don’t even produce anything (I guess Germany still produces things, but that’s on the way out).

The entire theory is based on comic book type logic – that Putin is evil and wants to do evil things just for the sake of evil.

The idea that Russia would want to waste all of their money and national energies on a massive invasion of Europe is literally child tranny tier nonsense.

Scholz doesn’t say this. He just kinda timidly talks about democracy values and other gibberish. But his recent statements show he’s freaking out, both about the Macron statements and the fact he can’t even control his own secret services. Now he’s acting like he’s looking for an exit.

But what is the mechanism through which America controls these people? No one knows. Germany has zero reason to be controlled by America. Germany is – or was, pre-2022 – an ultra productive country with a good relationship with Russia.

France, again, is irrelevant. If Macron wants his country to be relevant, he should start producing products for export. They were never genius engineers, but they used to have… various luxury brands and crap. They used to make a lot of cars that got exported. I mean, they weren’t German cars, but they were cars.

Here’s the thing: the future is about money and business. There is no reason for war, because since like, 1950, we’ve been living in post-scarcity. There is no need for living space when most people prefer to live in midrise condos. Countries with raw resources can trade with countries that turn those resources into finished products. There is no reason for any of this madness.

There is one reason: a Jewish world domination scheme.

But that’s the only reason. Otherwise, Germany, the production machine of Europe, should be buying energy from Russia and making useful things like BMWs and medical equipment and luxury kitchenware.

War is an outdated means of competition, and the American mind is stuck in the 20th century. This disease of the American mind has infected Europe by force, but more and more people are saying “now wait just a second here…”

But of course, because of democracy, it doesn’t matter what people think. The government just does whatever. Unless the population starts, you know, doing some things, democracy means you just have to take it.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.