Macron Wants Moslems in France to Sign Humiliating Declaration Saying They Agree to Muhammed Cartoons

Flooding your country with savage North African wildmen only to fully humiliate them by mocking their most sacred values and forcing them to sign decrees saying they agree to have their values mocked is one of the most based and redpilled things I’ve seen since the rise of the based black guy.

Emanuel Macron is a KING.

BBC News:

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Muslim leaders to agree a “charter of republican values” as part of a broad clampdown on radical Islam.

On Wednesday he gave the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) 15 days to work with the interior ministry.

The CFCM has agreed to create a National Council of Imams, which will reportedly issue imams with official accreditation which could be withdrawn.

It follows three suspected Islamist attacks in little more than a month.

The charter will state that Islam is a religion and not a political movement, while also prohibiting “foreign interference” in Muslim groups.

Mr Macron has strongly defended French secularism in the wake of the attacks, which included the beheading of a teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class discussion last month.

Broke: limiting immigration.

Woke: Accelerating unregulated mass immigration and then humiliating and dehumanizing the entire immigrant population with cartoons that mock their most sacred beliefs, then forcing them to sign a decree that says they agree to be humiliated.

I forget: who’s the author of “The Art of War”?

Was his name “Emmanuel Macron”?

Yeah, pretty sure that was his name.