Majority of Americans Oppose Trannies, Want to Stop Them from Humiliating Women

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I do support trannies destroying women’s sports. So I’m apparently in the minority.

But imagine that 55% of people believe that any kind of trannyism is morally wrong – and they are willing to say that aloud.

The real number is probably closer to 75%.

People are really not into it, and yet, here we are, with our entire society dominated by the trannies.

Joe Biden is running on trannies and war (to force people to become trannies) in 2024. Good thing elections are not real, or he’d have a serious problem.

New York Post:

A growing majority of Americans believe transgender athletes should have to compete under their birth gender — with more than half also convinced that changing gender itself is “morally wrong,” according to a new Gallup poll Monday.

Gallup’s Values and Beliefs survey shows that a whopping 69% — nearly seven out of every 10 people — now believe trans athletes should only be able to enter events under their birth gender, up from 61% in 2021.

Of those polled last month, barely a quarter — 26% — said they actively support trans athletes competing under their chosen identities, the poll showed.

That is down markedly from the 34% who were OK with it two years ago.

The opposition was even more notable among Republicans, with an overwhelming 93% against athletes being able to switch gender categories, up 7 points from the 2021 survey.

But even Democrats were divided, with 47% in favor of athletes being able to switch — yet 48% against.

The growing opposition comes despite more Americans now knowing someone who is transgender, Gallup noted.

Nearly 40% of those polled said they personally know someone transgender, up from 31% — but even among this group, just 30% support athletes switching gender categories, a 10-point drop.

Support is even lower among those who don’t know a transgender person, with just 23% supporting them competing outside their birth gender.

But Americans are not just against athletes — a majority object to transitioning itself.

About 55% of those polled considered “changing one’s gender” to be “morally wrong” — while just 43% find it “morally acceptable.”

This time, Democrats were more in favor, with 70% now finding it acceptable, up from 67% in 2021.

The big problem with democracy is that the popular will is irrelevant, and people simply have things forced on them against their will.

Can democracy, a system so opposed to the most basic human freedoms, continue to exist indefinitely?

I guess we’ll find out next time, here on the Daily Stormer!