After Gay Resignation, Questions Emerge About the Continued Viability of Jewish Whining

The Jews took a victory lap after finally achieving success over Harvard President Claudine Gay when she resigned this week.

This ends a weeks-long Jewish war against the female negro which began after she stood up for justice in Palestine.

Many wonder if the Jews were actually practicing the Art of War when they declared this Jihad against Gay, committing all Jew resources to her destruction.

Given the hysterics of these demands to fire Gay, who was hand-picked by the Jews to spin out the wheels on the failing university, people are definitely going to be less responsive to the next Jewish campaign for firing someone.

The Jews are burning all of their good will and sway over institutions in a gigantic and histrionic trash fire.

For me, the bizarre thing about the current climate is that the Jews would almost certainly fail to get me mass-censored if they were running that campaign in 2023-24 instead of 2017. For a while, the censorship of me will be grandfathered in, but at some point in my life, I’m going to be able to say “this was a Jewish witch hunt against me – you people know what these Jews are like.”

It’s incredible to think about how much the world is going to change in the next ten years following this slaughter in Gaza. The Jews will never be able to come back from this, short of erasing the digital record of all of these videos of the innocent little children they murdered. They are clearly not thinking about this.

Brain Chips to Erase People’s Memory of Gaza Massacre?

Maybe some of the techno-Jews are claiming that they will use microchip implants to rearrange people’s thoughts, but does anyone actually believe that is going to happen?

Personally, I think these brain chips are going to drive people insane, and just be totally non-viable. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the mass promotion of the future of VR headsets, and those turned out to be utterly useless.

As the gamers in the audience are aware, the headsets make you sick. They are just a strange novelty now.

Apple is releasing their version sometime soon, called the “Vision Pro,” also known as the “Space Nigger 9000 Ultra-Goggles Experience.”

Based on the ads, it’s not even clear if white people will be legally allowed to buy the device.

Regardless, even if Apple’s first new product since the death of Steve Jobs proves viable and opens a new era of VR, I do not think brain chips will work. They’re also nowhere near game time, with failed loser and Diablo IV player Elon Musk running the only major company working on them. The response to that is “AI will develop them quickly,” but there is no evidence to support these sorts of outrageous claims about AI’s ability to develop totally new technologies.

Forgive the bizarre aside, but it is necessary to explain how ridiculous it is that these Jews apparently believe they are going to get back on top after committing the worst war crimes the world has ever witnessed in a time of digital media.