Mass Rioting in West Bank: Palestinians Not Happy to Learn That Israel Owns Them Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2020

You really do have to wonder just how the Jews are able to get away with what they’re doing in the West Bank. The hypocrisy here is apparent for all who have eyes to see. It’s literally just: “human rights concerns for thee, but not for me, goy.”


Injuries have been reported as Palestinian protesters face Israeli security troops in the West Bank in non-stop protests after Donald Trump announced his peace plan for the region.

Scores of protesters flooded the streets in different parts of the West Bank, demonstrating against a US-proposed plan that they expect to lead to annexation of much of Palestinian land.

Well, someone has to say it and the task has, apparently, fallen to me: the Palestinians are now finished as a people.

Arguably, they were never really much of a people at all, but they still had a far better claim to the land than a bunch of loan shark gangsters from Poland, that’s for damn sure. But this is really the nail in the coffin here. Trump’s approval of the Greater Israel plan to basically end the existence of Palestine means that it’s game over. In the struggle for nationhood and survival, they’ve lost.

Now, in recent history, the only people who really ever made a big fuss about the Palestinian cause were various factions of the Left in the West, and many of whom ended up being taken over by the Jews themselves and thereby effectively neutered. The old Left and various anti-Israel causes were funded in no small part by the USSR (Stalin onwards). With the loss of the Cold War, followed by the complete takeover of US and UK politics by Jews and their neocon ideology, the Palestinians really lost any serious chance for statehood.

It was always going to be a slow vice-like death by strangulation from there.

In Bethlehem, protesters have been throwing stones at Israeli forces, and setting tyres on fire. They also burned a US flag. Israeli security troops responded with tear gas to disperse the crowds. Sources from the Palestine Red Crescent Society told local media that they have been treating those who were hit with tear gas canisters as well as suffocation due to the gas itself.

In the past, Arab rulers who were sympathetic to their plight (or just acted like they were to placate their own people) would occasionally provide them with support – Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the UAE, for example. All of these governments have either been toppled, crippled or bought out now. Egypt is actually helping the Jews tighten their blockade of Gaza from the south, while Jordan has always been a fake CIA/Mossad/Hashemite state. They’re going to be gobbled up by Israel once they finish with the West Bank.

Now, the Palestinians will riot and maybe hurt some police officers, which will justify the Jews sending in bulldozers to wreck their houses, build settlements and put anyone who resists into huge prisons. Those that flee to Jordan will just make good recruits for ISIS (a Mossad-created organization) to be redeployed to Syria, Lebanon and Iraq when the time comes.

In Ramallah, the demonstrations escalated into clashes, and reports citing the Red Crescent even suggest two protesters were injured by live bullets there.

Various Palestinian factions had a rare moment of unity against the so-called “Deal of the Century,” which was unveiled by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Leaders of Hamas, Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on their supporters to continue protests. 

This doesn’t mean the immediate genocide of the Palestinians in Israel (because the Jews still need a large underclass to do all the manual labor), but it is the end of any Palestinian effort to get the 1967 borders back and the beginning of the end of all Palestinian self-government – because the Jews don’t really even have to pay lip-service to this effort anymore.

RIP Palestine. 

It was nice knowing ya.