Massive Yosemite National Park Fire Blamed on Climate Change Actually Started by Elderly Man

Edward Fredrick Wackerman, 71, also known as Climate Change

We can now put a name and a face to Climate Change.

His name is Edward Wackerman, and his face is in that mugshot up there.

He is probably Jewish.

New York Post:

A 71-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly starting a devastating massive forest fire in Yosemite National Park that was previously thought to have been caused by climate change.

Edward Fredrick Wackerman of Mariposa, Calif., was busted Friday on suspicion of arson for allegedly igniting the Oak Fire, which destroyed 127 homes, caused thousands of people to evacuate and ravaged nearly 20,000 acres of vegetation in July 2022.

The suspect is facing charges of suspicion of aggravated arson, arson that causes great bodily injury and arson causing damage or destruction of inhabited structures, the California Department of Forestry said.

It isn’t clear how Wackerman may have started the blaze or what finally led to his arrest. Mariposa County District Attorney Walter Wall said a Tuesday press conference on the case is planned.

At the height of the massive blaze, about 6,000 people living in the nearby mountain communities were ordered by officials to flee their homes.

While no one was killed in the ginormous inferno, the fire injured three firefighters, scorched 30 square miles of land and destroyed 127 homes and 66 outbuildings.

At the time, smoke from the fire drifted more than 200 miles, reaching Lake Tahoe, parts of Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area.

When the police tried to arrest Climate Change, he began screaming that their kids would “eat bugs in pods” and “whack off their johnsons,” before trying to cause a tsunami by splashing water on them.

However, when the tsunami did not appear, Change began screaming “my powers denied! But the day of reckoning will come!”

Change was taken into custody without incident.