McCarthy Says Lawmakers Will Move Forward with Legislation to Ban TikTok

Every app has the same data access. If Apple is secretly giving special access to TikTok, that is a crime that people at Apple could go to prison over.

But of course, no one is alleging that Apple is doing that. Instead, Kevin McCarthy and the Democrats are relying on the fact that the overwhelming majority of people do not know how an app works or what permissions are.

This is how America works: everything the leaders say could be disproved with a 30 second Google search, but Americans are simply too fat and stupid to do these searches.


U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy said on Sunday lawmakers will move forward with legislation to address national security worries about TikTok, alleging China’s government had access to the short video app’s user data.

In the United States, there are growing calls to ban TikTok, owned by China-based company ByteDance, or to pass bipartisan legislation to give President Joe Biden’s administration legal authority to seek a ban. Devices owned by the U.S. government were recently banned from having the app installed.

“The House will be moving forward with legislation to protect Americans from the technological tentacles of the Chinese Communist Party,” McCarthy said on Twitter.

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew appeared before a U.S. House Committee for about five hours on Thursday, and lawmakers from both parties grilled him about national security and other concerns involving the app, which has 150 million American users.

In Thursday’s hearing, the TikTok CEO was asked if of the app, has spied on Americans at Beijing’s request. Chew answered, “No.”

Republican Representative Neal Dunn then referenced the company’s disclosure in December that some China-based employees at ByteDance improperly accessed TikTok user data of two journalists and were no longer employed by the company. He repeated his question about whether ByteDance was spying.

“I don’t think that spying is the right way to describe it,” Chew said. He went on to describe the reports as involving an “internal investigation” before being cut off.

McCarthy, a Republican, said in a tweet on Sunday, “It’s very concerning that the CEO of TikTok can’t be honest and admit what we already know to be true — China has access to TikTok user data.”

This data is not even valuable. It’s the same data that every app has.

The only potentially invasive permission is the GPS, and you can obviously turn that off. But what are the Chinese going to do with that data?

If it was so super valuable then, well – they can just buy it off the open market where every app sells that data.

Buying the data would be much more efficient, because the data you buy is packaged with a user profile much more significant than anything that can be gleaned from TikTok.

TikTok spying is another mass delusion like virus pandemic, black oppression, Ukraine democracy, etc.