McCaul Worries That the Taliban and Hezbollah Could Join Attack on Israel

The Taliban???

Which angle will they approach from???

New York Post:

Other Mideast terror groups such as the Taliban and Hezbollah may join the current Palestinian attack on Israel, warned House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul on Sunday.

When asked about whether the war between the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and Israel that broke out Saturday could devolve into a “full blown war,” McCaul (R-Texas) said he was worried.

I’ve seen indications that the Taliban wants to come to liberate Jerusalem, in their words, to fight the Zionists. That’s very concerning,” McCaul told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Host Dana Bash name-dropped both the Taliban and Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in her question.

She did, yes.

She’s also Jewish, by the way.

Although the area controlled by the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group, is mired by dire poverty and separated geographically by nations to Israel’s east such as Syria, Iraq and Iran, McCaul didn’t rule out the prospect of it getting involved.

McCaul’s panel has been steadfastly focused on investigating the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021.

Also concerning for him is Hezbollah, which is sitting on more than 100,000 rockets worth of firepower to Israel’s north in Lebanon, he said.

“As it stands right now, the Israeli military capability far outweighs Hamas. And they can take care of this problem. But it will take time to go house to house” to root out the enemy and secure Israel’s territory, McCaul said.

But if this lights up into a larger jihadist war against the Zionists, if you will — that’s what always keeps me up at night.”


You probably should have thought about that beforehand, I guess.