Media Saying Bird Flu Variant Found in Meat Killed Half of the People It Infected

Oh, it’s coming.

You might not believe it.

But it is coming.

It was always coming.


Meat from a dairy cow that was culled from its herd and sent to slaughter has tested positive for traces of the H5N1 bird flu virus, the US Department of Agriculture announced Friday, but no meat from the cow entered the food supply.

The USDA said viral particles of H5N1 were detected during testing of various tissues, including samples from the diaphragm muscle, which sits below the lungs. The testing was done as a standard part of the food inspection process, the USDA said.

Infectious disease experts around the world have been on alert since the USDA announced March 25 that a dairy cow tested positive for H5N1 influenza.

H5N1 is a highly pathogenic form of bird flu that scientists have watched closely since it was detected in 1996. It has decimated wild bird populations and poultry flocks but only sporadically infects humans. When it does, it can be fatal: About half of the roughly 900 people known to be infected around the world over the past two decades have died.

In the past two years, the virus has changed and begun to infect a growing assortment of mammals. Experts never expected the virus to show up in cows, as it was thought that they didn’t have the right receptors on their cells to catch A-strain flu viruses – but it turns out they do.

Finding a cow that tested positive for H5N1 postmortem, after systemic disease, suggests that some sick animals are going undetected. It also suggests that the owners may not have tested the animal before its slaughter and that other cows in the herd may be infected.

This is, of course, all nonsense.

But there is no reason that this whole virus lockdown hoax would not work again exactly as it did the first time.