Medvedev Says If the Ukraine Offensive Ever Succeeded, Russia Would Just Use Nukes

This is that thing no one wants to talk about.


Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who has sometimes raised the spectre of a nuclear conflict over Ukraine, said on Sunday that Moscow would have to use a nuclear weapon if Kyiv’s ongoing counter-offensive was a success.

Medvedev, who is deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, a body chaired by President Vladimir Putin, said in a message on his official social media accounts that Russia would be forced to fall back on its own nuclear doctrine in such a scenario.

Imagine if the.. offensive, which is backed by NATO, was a success and they tore off a part of our land then we would be forced to use a nuclear weapon according to the rules of a decree from the president of Russia.

There would simply be no other option. So our enemies should pray for our warriors’ (success). They are making sure that a global nuclear fire is not ignited,” he said.

Russia has said repeatedly they will take the whole world down with them.

It’s interesting that the fat, gay Americans are comfortable with this, given that the only thing they have to gain from this war is upvotes on social media.