Memetic Monday: Total Meltdown: “Dawn of the Fleecing”

Hello my dear personal friends, each of whom I have a meaningful parasocial relationship with.

Good day to you all.

There was some misunderstanding about dates, which was probably my fault, though may in fact have been someone else’s fault. It was a bit of a bungling. You see, in fact, last week was the “Special AI Week Preview,” and, as it happens, this week is the “AI Week Blitz.”

If you enjoyed the preview (and I’m sure you did!), then you’re going to love the thing itself.

This week also marks “The Great Fleecing.” This is the week in which your humble host fleeces the readership through an aggressive, irate, emotionally abusive pattern of intensive e-begging.

As I’ve said, I am very concerned about the privacy of the reader. I am legitimately concerned, because you are all personal friends of mine, but also, if you’re looking for some selfish motive (some people always want to find that), it wouldn’t exactly look good or make me feel good if my readers were getting harassed for sending me crypto. So, I switched to Monero and no one (well, very few people comparatively) sent any. So, now, as the site has been losing money for years, I’m doing a thing where you send me an email and I reply with a unique Bitcoin address.

Email here:

You then send massive amounts of Bitcoin to that address!

Most of you should have gotten an address by now. Check it and send A LOT.

No whammies, please!


As with every holiday, the memes for that holiday will come after the holiday.

Here’s the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

Also, this is the informational gem of the year:

And the primo collection.