Memetic Monday: We’ll See If Todd Howard is Capable of Re-Earning My Trust


It’s Monday and it’s before noon.

I love it when a plan comes together.

(NOTE: If you’re just here for the memes, you can skip this rambling about video games. I won’t hold it against you. I mean, I will hold it against you on a personal level, but I won’t come for you in the night.)

How about that Starfield, huh? It’s got no maps, I hear. Is it better in Japan?

Nigga, I’m still playing Baldur’s Gate, and I’m going to keep playing it until all of the homos are dead.

Plus, I think Fallout 4 was some of the worst garbage, and somehow I just kept playing for months and months while listening to racist podcasts. It was not a good experience. It was freezing and I was living in a condo and I had this girlfriend who was █ ██████ ██████. It was the only time I ever had a girlfriend in my life, and I just remember sitting there playing this stupid game listening to podcasts while she was sitting there playing with her phone, and it felt like the experience lasted forever.

Also, this Fallout 76 thing was… I’m not going into that right now, but I wrote dozens of articles about it back when it happened.

I’m sure Todd’s a cool guy and I’ve heard that he kills homosexuals in real life, while I only do it on the Sword Coast. But aside from Morrowind… ███ █████ █████ ████ ████?

It’s probably fair enough that Fallout 76 was not done, and the Zenimax Jews rushed him to release it. He somehow managed not to have his name on it, except for “executive producer,” which is not how it was announced.

Regardless, I don’t have time for video games. I’m a grown man, pushing 40. I only play Baldur’s Gate 3, which is not a video game, but a homosexual genocide simulator. It’s a lifestyle choice.

I role with a bitch, but we’re basically the ISIS of the Sword Coast.

My girlfriend is blacker than the darkest night. When niggas act bitch-made, she got the heart to fight.

Anyway, I was gonna write a BG3 review, but like… they decided at the last minute to advertise this as a tranny game. I don’t think the experience of playing the game is tranny at all. You can create a tranny character (you select your genitals, and you can put the genitals on the wrong body), and then there are optional homosexual events. But you do have the option of responding to homosexuals with death, and the game doesn’t punish you for killing main story characters.

Obviously, that shouldn’t be in there at all, but actually playing the game, you don’t run into anything weird. There are not even any story quests that promote liberal shit. There are some refugees and maybe there are implications there, and there are a few vague Trump references when talking about refugees, but even those seem more funny than political.

This said: the hype around the game has been related to trannies, so I don’t think people should buy the game, quite frankly. So I don’t want to encourage it. I think it’s very sad, because I’ve been playing CRPGs since Fallout 1 when I was like, 8 years old, and this is hands down the single best CRPG ever made.

What I think is that it would have been better if this had just been Divinity: Original Sin 3. That’s literally what it is. It does slavishly follow Dungeons & Dragons lore, but it kind of goes too far with that. One of the things that was great about DOS was minmaxing equipment, and D&D equipment is boring as shit, so this whole aspect of gameplay is removed. Also, at least in Forgotten Realms, there is all this science fiction shit with aliens and steampunk type stuff, and I do not appreciate that. Fantasy settings are generic and based on Tolkien. Mixing in science fiction stuff takes away from the experience, in my view. This entire game could have been done with the Divinity IP and everything would be the same – except it would be better, and you wouldn’t have Wizards of the Coast forcing tranny shit. By definition, genre fiction is generic. Any story can be told in any universe.

Anyway, yeah – I feel as a Christian, though the experience of playing BG3 is not sinful, promoting it would be wrong, because if you buy it, you are giving some form of approval to this marketing campaign that sold it as a tranny game. Which was really shitty, because they released a third of the game three years ago with none of this shit, and every serious CRPG fan bought it back then in early access.

Of course, I’ve heard that in some countries, it’s not against the law to download a pirated copy of a video game. I wouldn’t know anything about that, I’m just saying I’ve heard of that before.

I probably will play Starfield at some point, but I mean… I still haven’t played Elden Ring. I swore I would play it for the first time on stream, and then Bitwave shut down. I might just try to do some gaming streams on Rumble at some point. They have so far not censored anyone, and if I’m not even talking about the Jews, I’m just doing slightly (or maybe moderately) racist gaming streams… I don’t know that they would ban me. Rumble, so far, is the freest platform since 2017.

Further, Starfield had no early access, so I’m sure it’s going to be a mess for 2-3 months. And probably forever, because Bethesda never fix their games. But it will be better in a few months. Maybe I’ll try doing a bit of Baldur’s Gate on Rumble, then if that goes okay, play Starfield after it’s fixed. I might as well be streaming BG, because I talk to the game alone.


Video games all suck and they’re a waste of time. I would rather be becoming who I am by listening to Wagner and admiring photographs of Roman statues that are edited in a very cool “fashwave” style.

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