Metaverse to Enforce Social Distancing Between Virtual Reality Avatars

I would say “I will figure out a way to harass people and cause them to commit suicide, just as I always have.”

But I’m not going into this metaverse, just like I’m not buying GTA 6.

The Guardian:

Mark Zuckerberg’s virtual reality business is to introduce a mandatory distance between people’s digital avatars after warnings that the social media tycoon’s plans for a metaverse will lead to a new wave of online harassment.

Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is making a multibillion-dollar bet on VR as the next source of growth for his empire but his strategy has already been dogged by warnings that virtual worlds are rife with abuse.

In December a user testing Horizon Worlds, a VR app owned by Zuckberg’s Meta business, complained of being groped online and called for a protective bubble around their avatar, or digital representation of themselves. “Sexual harassment is no joke on the regular internet but being in VR adds another layer that makes the event more intense,” said the user.

Meta announced on Friday that it is introducing personal boundaries on two VR apps: Horizon Worlds, where people can meet fellow VR users and design their own world; and Horizon Venues, which hosts VR events such as comedy shows or music gigs. The company said the distance between people will be the VR equivalent of four feet.

“A personal boundary prevents anyone from invading your avatar’s personal space. If someone tries to enter your personal boundary, the system will halt their forward movement as they reach the boundary,” said the company. Meta is introducing the 4ft boundary as a default setting and will consider further changes such as letting people set their own boundaries.

“We think this will help to set behavioural norms – and that’s important for a relatively new medium like VR,” said Meta.

That kind of kills immersion, no?

I mean, if I walked up to some bitch in real life to harass her and my movement was blocked by a force field, it would kill my vibes.

The question hinges on whether or not this VR headset will work like it does in scifi.

There is currently no evidence that it actually will.