More Than Half of Users Leave Zuckerberg’s Twitter Clone App, Meta Plans “Hooks” to Improve Retention

Elon is stunting on Zuck, dumping the brand he paid $44 billion for and replacing it with one of the worst letters in the alphabet just to show that no matter how retarded he behaves, he can still beat “Threads.”


Meta Platforms executives are heavily focused on boosting retention on their new Twitter rival Threads, after the app lost more than half of its users in the weeks following its buzzy launch, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday.

Retention of users on the text-based app was better than executives had expected, though it was “not perfect,” said Zuckerberg, speaking at an internal company town hall, the audio of which was heard by Reuters.

Obviously, if you have more than 100 million people sign up, ideally it would be awesome if all of them or even half of them stuck around. We’re not there yet,” he said.

There is no real evidence that many people signed up. Well, there is evidence, but it could have been faked. Obviously, Instagram has a lot of users, and there is reason to believe they were manipulated into joining.

The downloads also could have been botted for hype purposes.

The site never really had a chance. Aside from buying WhatsApp and Instagram, Zuck has failed at everything after his initial product (which was mostly successful because of nepotism).

Elon, meanwhile, has been very successful with very low quality products.

Zuckerberg said he considered the drop-off “normal” and expected retention to grow as the company adds more features to the app, including a desktop version and search functionality.

Meta is looking at adding more “retention-driving hooks” to entice users to return to the app, like “making sure people who are on the Instagram app can see important Threads,” said Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.

A company spokesperson declined to comment on the meeting.

Responding to a question on the proposed “cage match” against Elon Musk, Zuckerberg said he was “not sure if it’s going to come together.”

Zuck actually looks a lot better with his shirt off than I expected.

I’m not sure if this is a new thing; he looks like he might have started training with drugs.

Meta does not look very good with its shirt off, however.

To be fair, it’s not really fair to talk about a decline from 2022-23 as if it is a vacuum, given that this was the post-Covid fallout period.

But Meta is definitely doing a lot worse than all of the rest of the big tech companies.

AWS really saved Amazon, and Apple just keeps on sailing for reasons no one can even explain.

Meanwhile, Elon has announced that he will be changing the name of “Tesla” to “R.”