Shock as Mexican President Says He Absolutely Will Not Accept Deportations from Texas

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Yeah, well. I called this one.

It didn’t take much to call it. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t have called it.


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sharply criticized a Texas law that would empower state law enforcement authorities to arrest people suspected of illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, saying Mexico will not accept anyone repatriated by Texas.

Let me say this once and for all, we will not accept deportations from the Texan government,” Lopez Obrador said on Wednesday at his daily news conference.

Mexico doesn’t want these people. That’s why they send them in the first place.

Mexico has completely cleared out their poor and criminal populations by just dumping them in the United States.

You can whine about this and get outraged at Mexico, but the US opened the border and invited these people in. Why would Mexico not send their poor and criminals over the border?

What’s more: virtually none of these recent immigrants are Mexican. They are from other countries and have come through Mexico, after Joe Biden invited the world to come live in America.

What is Mexico supposed to do with Haitians or Venezuelans?

Remember: Mexico tried to close its southern border so these people couldn’t travel through to the US border, but the US demanded they be allowed to travel through Mexico to enter the US. The Mexicans were being overwhelmed and just gave up and let them establish a path through the country.

Obviously, Mexico should be forced to take back the Mexicans, and if they refuse they should be sanctioned or whatever. This is reasonable. But this was always going to be the problem with the new illegal immigration program that started under Donald Trump: every Mexican who wanted to be in the US was already here, so anyone new coming was not Mexican, which meant that deporting them would be virtually impossible.

That is: it would be virtually impossible under our current system. If you established a military type government, you could declare martial law, and round up all the immigrants and put them in camps until you can figure out where to send them. But you could obviously never do something like that under our current government, even if you had right-wingers in the government. Martial law and rounding people up and putting them in camps are hardcore actions. America, in its current state, doesn’t have the stomach for this.