Michigan: Black Shoots Chipotle Employee in the Leg Over Guacamole Dispute

We all make fun of black people who commit murder over food orders. But let’s be real, dog: if there was any time that you, a white man, would decide to commit a murder over a food order, it would be because some bratty Chipotle retard tried to Jew you on the guacamole.

And this is exactly what I would do if I got to that point: I would shoot him in the leg. Not in the head. I would just say “buddy, I warned you, I take this thing you people do with the guacamole very seriously,” and then shoot him in the leg.

New York Post:

An enraged customer at a Michigan Chipotle shot an employee when a fight over guacamole escalated to bloodshed.

The employee sustained a gunshot to the leg and was rushed to a local hospital in stable condition, Southfield police said.

The suspect — an unnamed Detroit man — fled the scene, but didn’t seem to be in any rush.

“He took his time getting out… probably 30 seconds after (the shot was fired),” said Micahel Beales, who filmed the bizarre altercation.

I was in my car and I saw him just walk out to his car, close the door, and just drive off – he didn’t speed off or anything, it was weird to see.”

The gunman was tracked down at a nearby location shortly after the incident. It is not clear what charges he may face for the shooting.

Yeah, why would he rush? It’s not illegal to shoot people if you’re black. Especially to shoot someone in the leg.

The cops didn’t announce charges, meaning they probably are not charging him. They’re just like, “please don’t do that again” and he’s like “I’ll do it again if them niggas try to Jew me on my guacamole” and the cops are like “okay, bye.”