NYC Considering Mass Sterilization of Rats Through Food


I hope they don’t start doing this to humans.

I hope… I hope they haven’t already started doing this to humans.


New York Post:

Love is in the air for squeakhearts — and city lawmakers want to stop them from becoming new parents.

Councilmember Shaun Abreu (D-Manhattan) has proposed a rat birth control program jointly run by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Department of Sanitation — in the latest attempt to quell the plague.

Abreu — who helms the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management — said “ContraPest pellets” would work together with the city’s broader push to fight rats.

”We believe that we need to take a shock-and-awe approach to the rat problem by throwing everything we have at it,’’ the Democrat said in council chambers Thursday.

Shaun Abreu

The contraceptives would be deployed in rat mitigation zones that cover at least 10 city blocks.

The pellets — which have an active ingredient called “triptolide” in them — will sterilize both male and female rats and impact ovarian function and sperm cell production.

ContraPest creator Loretta Mayer — who has been working with Abreu — said her salty and fatty pill is proving to be a success.

It’s better than pizza [for the rats],’’ Mayer told the New York Times, but added that the challenge will be scaling up distribution noting a pound costs $5.

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