Watch: NYC Cops Scuffle with Our Greatest Strength at Hotel

It doesn’t really seem like these new Americans respect us very much, frankly.

It’s going to be hilarious when the entirety of New York City is controlled by Venezuelan gangs and the police can’t do anything at all.

I will say this: no Venezuelan gang member ever made me wear a Covid cuck muzzle.

I’m actually pretty bullish on Venezuelan gangs taking over control of American cities. I just can’t see any way they could be worse than the cops.

New York Post:

Newly released police bodycam footage captures the moment cops in Yonkers are forced to scuffle with a group of rowdy migrants at a local hotel packed with asylum seekers.

Police busted two people during the Tuesday afternoon melee at a local Ramada Inn — but not before they were surrounded and berated in Spanish by an unruly migrant mob, the footage shows.

The footage shows the officers walking into the lobby, where they grabbed Arnal Kent, 35, and took him into custody while surrounded by a crew of other migrants.

“Why does he have to hit me?” Kent is heard jawing in Spanish as he struggles to get away. “They’re not taking me. They’re not taking me. I’m not doing anything.”

That’s when a migrant woman — identified as 24-year-old Yainilet Hernandez — pushes the officers, then blocks the door of the police vehicle to bar cops from putting Kent inside.

Yonkers cops manage to get the handcuffed suspect inside — then let things cool down, the video shows.

After a few minutes, they go back to Hernandez and try to cuff her, only to have her try to fight off the cops, who are forced to take her to the ground to put the handcuffs on to the taunts of the bystanders.


Who cares?

I don’t have time to think about this.

These people are virtually all going to New York.

These people deserve it.

The Chinese will eventually buy all of New York and just start mass executing these people anyway.