Migrants Bite Cop During Brawl at Roosevelt Hotel Shelter

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New York Post:

Two groups of brawling migrants ganged up on a pair NYPD officers who arrived to break up a fight in the Roosevelt Hotel on May 19 — battering the cops and biting one, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Both cops were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and four migrants were arrested — three of whom were free after prior arrests, according to sources.

Police responded to the storied 45th Street hotel, which has been converted to house asylum seekers, around 2:15 p.m on May 19 in response to a reported dispute between the migrants there, sources said.

Inside the hotel, the cops were surrounded by the two groups — similar to the Times Square attack on NYPD officers in January, sources said.

One officer was bitten in his left arm and was bruised on his left leg.

Another cop suffered injuries to his head, right elbow and wrist. One of the assailants also tried to steal his hat as a trophy, according to sources.

One of the officers’ cameras fell off in the fracas and someone stole it.

When you’re the cops and you try to break up a fight between two groups of migrants and then they team up against you, you are just like:

I get it.

I agree with Republican leaders that in the next Israel-Ukraine-Taiwan omnibus bill, we need several billions for anti-biting lessons for our vibrant Neuvo Americanos.