Migrants Who Fought Border Patrol at El Paso Were Later Released Into America, ICE Says

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New York Post:

They took part in a riot at the border — and then were welcomed into the US.

Dozens of migrants who were accused of violently storming the border at El Paso, Texas on March 21 have been released into the country, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson confirmed to The Post.

It’s the latest shocking gut-punch to accountability after 211 migrants were caught on video by The Post rushing toward the US border and attacking Texas National Guardsmen who tried to turn them back to Mexico.

At least one migrant was seen stomping on a service member’s knee during the melee.

In May, an El Paso judge dismissed the criminal charges against all of the border-crossers on a technicality.

The migrants accused of taking part in the riot were then released from state custody and handed over to ICE, which set 43 of them free, a spokesperson said.

ICE determines who to release on a “case-by-case basis,” the spokesperson said.

While ICE has released dozens of migrants who allegedly took part in the riot, the agency has kept 32 others in custody pending court hearings and 105 in detention pending removal from the US.

Another 43 of the alleged rioters have been successfully deported, the spokesperson said.

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