More Illegal Migrants Came from US-Canada Border in June Than Total for All of 2022

These are not “Canadians.”

The deal is, it’s sometimes easier to fly into Canada than into Mexico to get into the US, and Canada will just let all kinds of people fly straight in.

Obviously, they know where these people are going.

I’m sure the Biden people have told the Canadians to just let people fly in if they know they’re crossing the southern border.

New York Post:

President Joe Biden has a 5,500-mile loophole in his border crackdown.

The US-Canada border — the longest in the world — remains wide open for migrants seeking to enter the country illegally and claim asylum because it’s not part of the Biden administration’s latest restrictions, sources told The Post.

Without the same restrictions as the southern border, a record 3,600 migrants entered illegally in June — more than recorded crossings for all of 2022, according to leaked Homeland Security data obtained by The Post.

The executive order doesn’t affect us,” a Border Patrol source at the northern border told The Post.

“Family units are getting released and singles are sent to detention for adjudication.”

Imagine that the benefits are better in America than in communist Canada.

There are also a lot more opportunities for serious crime in the US than in Canada, which is very poor.