Mike Johnson Threatens White House Over Sanctioning of Israeli Battalion

Mike Johnson may not care about Americans. He may want you to be a bunch of landless peasants living in tiny apartments in disgusting midrise new builds.

But when it comes to the people of Israel, he is a brave warrior. He will fight to the death to defend all Israelis, including religious extremists who run torture-murder gangs.

Of course, it is ridiculous to sanction the Orthodox Battalion while not addressing the fact that the scale of what the IDF as a whole is doing is so much worse. The IDF also engages in torture, and it’s fully documented.

New York Post:

House Speaker Mike Johnson said Wednesday he called White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan and threatened to “intervene” if President Biden slapped sanctions on an Israeli military battalion over its alleged conduct in the West Bank.

“We heard a rumor of this before our [aid] bill was actually brought for a vote in the House [Saturday], I mean, hours before,” Johnson (R-La.) told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“And I’ll tell you what I did, Hugh, and I don’t, I guess I’m breaking news here,” Johnson went on. “No one knows this. But I called the White House immediately and talked with Jake Sullivan, and [Secretary of State] Tony Blinken was overseas at the moment.

“But I made him send me an email where he committed to me in writing that it would not affect any of the funding that we were working on to assist Israel in this critical time, and that they would be very judicious in that.”

Johnson added that the issue “seems to be have been resolved, and I am very hopeful that they won’t try to proceed on that. If they do, we’ll intervene.”


Now Blinken can avoid sanctioning this batallion and just say “well, I couldn’t do it because the Republicans stopped me.”