More Kino Giga Chad Hunter Biden Pics Released, Republicans Think This Somehow Harms Democrats

As we enter into the 2024 election cycle, the number one issue for Republican voters remains the same: nude photos of Hunter Biden.

In particular, Republicans want more and more nude photos of Hunter Biden.

New York Post:

A trove of photos from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop that was published on a new website last week includes a litany of never-before-seen images depicting the first son’s former hard-partying ways — and family life.

The nearly 10,000-image catalog includes a perverse mix of family photographs and naked snapshots of himself in hotel rooms surrounded by drug paraphernalia and scantily clad women.

Several pictures capture the nude 53-year-old Hunter alongside a tattooed woman in bedazzled mesh lingerie.

Another shows him apparently naked behind a hotel desk with two mystery women — one who’s undressed and another lying in bed — chatting in the background.

In another, Biden, who admitted to struggling for years with an addiction to crack cocaine, holds up a marijuana vape pen to the camera lens.

The scandalous images were peppered with wholesome snapshots of his family, including several of his presidential father.

One shot of the future first couple show Joe Biden, wearing a blue and white striped button-down shirt, embracing his wife from behind.

The photographs — which were all taken between 2008 and 2019 — were published on last week after a former Trump White House aide spent months scanning the digital archive extracted from the first son’s notorious abandoned laptop.

Many have geographic coordinates attached, meaning Hunter took many of the photos in Cabo San Lucas, Kosovo, the Dominican Republic, China, London, Paris, and Belgrade in addition to the US.

Republicans are willing to vote for whoever will provide the most nude photos of Hunter Biden. They want to pore through these photos for several more years, and look for evidence of something shady.

Republicans are claiming that because he had sexual photos on the same device as family photos, that means he was having sex with his family members.

Republicans have not explained why you would have sex with your family members, and have not provided evidence that this occurred.

However, they have said that you should keep two separate photos and two separate laptops; one set for sex photos and one for family photos, and that failure to do so clearly indicates you are having sex with your family members, even if there are no photos of that.

They just need more photos to investigate.

I don’t really understand the Republican obsession with these Biden sex photos.

A much more important issue appears to be: how are these still being slowly leaked?

Why was the entire laptop never released in full?

Are there more emails, that might have to do with something more relevant that Hunter Biden’s sex life?