Multiple Bombings Across Israel! Many Dead!

The Jews are claiming to have been bombed by the Moslems.

However, one would assume that the Jews are once again bombing themselves in order to justify war.

There were two major explosions in Jerusalem.

Sputnik News:

According to Israeli media, the first blast occurred at the Central Bus Station, and the second one happened at Ramot Junction; medics suggest that at least two of those injured remain in serious or critical condition.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum stated on Twitter that the explosions had injured 18 people. Israeli medics said that one of the victims succumbed to wounds inflicted by the blast.

A clip purportedly showing the site of the first incident after the explosion is circulating online.

The second explosion was reported soon after the first one at Ramot Junction near the bus station; however, there is no information available about whether or not the incidents are connected.

According to reports, three Palestinians have been detained in connection with the explosions.

Of course it’s Palestinians, but the Jews can easily say that Iran funded them.

When we talk about Israel doing this to itself, we are not necessarily talking about Jews planting the bombs. What they can very easily do is find mentally unwell Palestinians on the internet and tell them how to do a bombing, then make sure that no one stops them.

We saw this exact scenario recently with the Buffalo supermarket shooter. The media discovered that there was a federal agent in his chat, who knew about the shooting before it happened. Also, in the shooter’s manifesto, he said that someone he called “The Sandman” told him how to do the shooting. Many would assume that the federal agent and The Sandman were the same person. After the report of the agent in his chat, the story was completely buried by the media (despite the fact it was the “white supremacist terrorist” they’d long been waiting for).

It’s impossible to fully emphasize how easy it is to do these kinds of staged attacks. It requires virtually no resources, and it’s nearly impossible to get caught. It’s still unclear how the agent handling the Buffalo shooter got caught, but it sure was easy to get the story out of the media.

They have even more plausible deniability if they pick up a bomb plot among people they are surveilling, and then simply fail to arrest them and ensure that there is no security around their target on the day of the attack.

Obviously, the Palestinians have reason enough to bomb the Israelis. However, the Israeli security apparatus is very extreme, and despite the fact everyone around them wants to blow them up, these kinds of attacks are extremely rare. This one just happens to come right as Israel is once again beating the drums for war with Iran. That’s probably not a coincidence.

Aside from Iran, it’s quite possible the Jews will blame this on Ye.