Nancy Condemns Elon as Evil for Questioning Her Husband’s Gay Hammer Romance

Nancy Pelosi lashed out against Elon Musk for posting a news article about the supposed Paul Pelosi attack and saying that there might be something more to the story.

Nancy argues that there is nothing at all more to the story, and that David Depape, the BLM-supporting nudist who was in her home with her husband in the night in his underwear, was a right-wing extremist.

This story is really too stupid to even talk about, but the media has claimed he was a right-wing extremist based on a blog that was posted in its entirety hours before the alleged hammer attack. The domain had only been registered in September.

It makes no sense how he got into the house, it makes no sense why Paul called 911 and called him “a friend,” it makes no sense why the cops showed up and just watched Depape hit Pelosi on the head with a hammer.

It makes much more sense that the Pelosis decided to take one of Paul’s gay lovers and frame him for an “attack” on the eve of the election. That is the logical explanation for what went on here, and it is the simplest explanation.

Even if that is not the case, there is zero evidence that this man was right-wing or that he was committing January 6 right-wing terror. Even if he had been right-wing, that literally means nothing. It does not support the Democrat positions. But it is a totally staged hoax anyway, and Paul Pelosi is gay.