NATO Institution Spends Months Studying Mean Tweets That Hurt the Feelings of Finland’s One True Mommy

The struggle is real

You can be a princess, and be a victim of peasants.

You can be the leader of a country, and be the victim of peasants.

How do the peasants, shuffling around in their hovels, tolerate being accused of victimizing the rich and powerful? How does anyone read this material without laughing?

Sputnik News:

Finland’s reigning coalition government, where all the five ruling parties are headed by women, has been the subject of a perennial hate speech campaign on social media, the Latvia-based NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (Stratcom) reported.

The report examined, over a period of four months, around 350,000 tweets that were either directly aimed at or discussed 19 Finnish ministers.

The study identified “coordinated online harassment” of Finnish government ministers that includes “massive, hostile attacks” that question their values, decision making and leadership qualities. The report concluded that most of the harassment came from real people and not computer-programmed bots.

That’s strange, because studies have also found that robots hate women almost as much as the top echelons of I.N.C.E.L.

This needs further investigation.

Some of the main topics that triggered online abuse were the Covid-19 pandemic, immigration, Finnish-EU relations, and socially-liberal politics. In addition, the report indicated that female ministers may receive misogynistic and sexist insults, regardless of their political stance, citing insults such as “communist quintet” and “Tampax team”.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin commented on the results of the study on Twitter, exemplifying some of the abuse she has received.

​“Incompetent, inexperienced, Sokos cashier girl, girl government, lipstick government, pantyhose government, intimidation, hate speech, online shaming. Yes, women lead the government. Get over it”, Marin wrote.

The Stratcom report cited several recent Finnish studies, one of which investigated the extent and effects of online hate speech against politicians. Released in November 2019, it found that a third of municipal decision-makers and nearly half of all MPs have suffered hate speech online.

The hostile feedback and the constant flow of hate speech and abuse was identified as a threat to Finnish democracy, as close to a third (28 percent) of the country’s lawmakers who have experienced abuse felt their willingness to participate in politics decrease.

Marin herself, a former cashier raised in what she herself described as a “rainbow family”, made headlines as one of the world’s youngest government leaders and Finland’s youngest prime minister. In the international press, 35-year-old Marin has enjoyed a fair share of popularity as well as the poster child of the Nordic brand of feminism.

Overall, Finland is regarded as among the world’s leaders when it comes to supporting and promoting women’s rights, to the point of researchers actually finding patterns of discrimination against men.

The takeaway is: in democracy, it makes zero difference who is the titular head of the country, because the country is actually run by a sprawling bureaucracy which is not accountable to anyone. So, they can just put whatever stupid peasant bitch from the supermarket checkout as the official leader, as long as she is capable of remembering things she’s supposed to say.

Being able to convincingly read statements is literally the only qualification for being the leader of a democracy.

I mean, whatever you think of Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong for that matter, these dudes were hardcore. They were not people who sat around thinking about mean things people might have said about them. Aside from the whole “35-year-old woman from the supermarket checkout,” the idea that you can be both a leader, and also have really sensitive emotions that you pour out in public, is idiotic lunacy.

The reason leaders are so ridiculous in current year is that they’re not actually leaders. They are frontmen for technocrats serving the interests of multinational corporations and councils of Jew bankers.

Democracy is so utterly and so transparently corrupt, it is almost beyond comprehension.