The Ukraine is Running Out of Ammo for American Guns

The evidence is that the US doesn’t even have the ammo to give them.

The US and NATO have blown their entire stores in this stupid, pointless war.

New York Post:

Ukraine is running out of the ammunition needed for its US-supplied Howitzer guns as additional American aid for its military is held up by Congress — all while Russia is quickly bolstering its firepower, Kyiv soldiers warned.

A Ukrainian artillery crew operating an M109 Paladin Howitzer said they have been forced to start rationing their shells to try to beat back Russia’s forces near Bakhmut because of the dwindling supply.

“We cannot fulfill our tasks 100%, although we want to,” a commander from the 93rd Mechanized Brigade told CNN, adding that he is desperately waiting for more ammo.

“My crew and other crews are just waiting for it and are ready to work around the clock,” he said.

The crew ended up receiving a new ammunition shipment for its Howitzer during CNN’s time with the soldiers, but the supply only included four additional rounds, which were non-explosive.

Another Ukrainian commander stationed in Bakhmut acknowledged that Russia’s war economy is quickly outpacing Ukraine’s own supplies from its allies, with Moscow making use of its Soviet-era reserves as it attacked the border.

The ratio is about 10 to 1,” the commander told the outlet in terms of the disparity in munitions between the two countries’ soldiers. “Russia is a country that produces ammo, and they have strategic reserves. Yes, they use old Soviet systems. But Soviet systems can still kill.”

They can?

I didn’t know that. I thought that when the Soviet Union fell, their ammo stopped being able to kill.

Thanks for the info, friend.

Even NATO’s chief drove home the point Tuesday, warning the war has become “a battle of ammunition.

“Increased production of ammunition is an absolute necessity to enable us to continue to provide support to Ukraine,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement Tuesday.

Remember like a year ago when Anglin would post maps from “Deep State Map”?

Well, the map is exactly the same as it was, following 8 months of the Ukraine’s “spring counteroffensive.”

In fact, Russia is progressing forward in Kharkov, while the Ukrainians continue to march men between the ages of 40 and 65 into a deathtrap in the south.

It’s so funny to think that there were all those people a year ago claiming that the Ukraine was winning.

It really demonstrates the absolute power of media propaganda.

Throughout the entire “offensive,” Kiev failed to regain any territory at all, while over 150,000 of their people were killed.

They not only don’t have ammo – they don’t have an army anymore.