Netanyahu Says There’s a Date Set for the Start of the Rafah Slaughter

Bibi did not miss a beat after the world flipped out over the soup kitchen massacre.

He’s pushing straight forward to the next big slaughter.

You have to have a certain level of respect for the way this man is willing to piss in the face of the entire world, and just keep on killing innocent people. At some point, there is going to be a backlash, and Jews are going to be hunted and punished for doing this, but he’s not worried about that at all.

New York Post:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed Monday that he plans to forge ahead with a long-anticipated and controversial military operation in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah — as Hamas reportedly claimed there are fewer than 40 women, elderly and ailing hostages who it can account for.

In a video message posted to X, Netanyahu — who has come under increasing domestic criticism over his handling of the six-month-old war against the terror group — told Israelis that “complete victory” over the jihadists “requires entry into Rafah and the elimination of the terrorist battalions there.”

It will happen, there is a date,” the 74-year-old added without giving further specifics.

Meanwhile, truce talks involving Israeli and Hamas officials in Cairo were ongoing after CIA Director Bill Burns proposed over the weekend that Hamas submit a list of 40 Israeli hostages who are alive and can be released on humanitarian grounds — meaning women, female Israel Defense Forces soldiers, men over 50, and those with serious medical conditions — in exchange for a six-week cease-fire, according to Axios.

On Monday, however, Israel’s Channel 12 news reported that Hamas was trying to negotiate the release of fewer hostages on the grounds it had “no ability to release 40” abductees who fit the initial request by Israeli negotiators.

Rafah is home to an estimated 1.4 million refugees, many of whom traveled there to seek safety from the intense fighting up north.

There are theories that Jews create antisemitism on purpose. Well, we know they created it on purpose in terms of faking it. But maybe it’s even subconscious that they want to give people real reasons to hate them, as it brings them together, which is something they think is very important for their survival as a tribe.

It’s difficult to imagine this situation in Gaza is not designed to make everyone in the world hate the Jews. It doesn’t really make any strategic sense, unless that is the goal.

If we take it at face value, the Jews are telling the world “we can do whatever we want, we can kill whoever we want, the United States will support us.” At the same time, however, the Jews are working to totally undermine and disempower the United States, their own accursed golem.

Further, while the Jews have a lock on the US government, the overwhelming majority of the people in the country do not support this ongoing massacre. The reason it was easy to control the US government in the past is that the majority of the American people supported Israel, and now it’s the opposite. And while the Jews do have total control over the US government, both Biden and Trump have now called for a ceasefire.

It’s worth considering (and maybe helpful for understanding) that throughout history, Jews have always pushed past the limits of what is acceptable, and this has resulted in them being run out of places, and often resulted in violence against them. If you look at the situation now, you can see this clearly: they are just going way, way too far, and seemingly doing it on purpose. People who have studied the Jews think they do this on purpose as a way to bring all the Jews together – that they feed on being hated by other groups, as it forces all Jews to rally around each other.

It might be hard to believe, but the Jews have never been more assimilated than they are right now. There have never been more Jews shaving their faces, refusing to wear traditional Jewish garb, and living amongst the goyim and mixing in. Definitely, there are a lot of Jews who don’t like that other Jews are doing this, so we might look at this Gaza situation as a way for the Jews to stir up massive hatred against themselves, basically on purpose.

Again, that’s probably the easiest way to understand what they are doing. From any other angle, it just doesn’t make any sense that they would be willing to make the whole world hate them for so little benefit. Gaza was not a big problem for the Jews before October 7th, and we know that October 7th was allowed to happen (see insider trading). Even if they didn’t allow it to happen on purpose, there were a lot of other ways they could have responded to it that didn’t involve the mass slaughter of children and innocents.