Sleazy Jew NYU Professor Says Students Protesting Israel are Incels

In comes the sleazy, ratlike Jew pervert to use sickening Freudian gibberish to accuse everyone who is against the mass slaughter of infants of being incels.

Never mind the fact that the two biggest groups involved in the project are Arab men and white women, who are obviously going home (or into a public bathroom stall more likely) and having sex with each other after the protests.

This is an attempt to denigrate the current protesters, but also an attempt to preempt the involvement of large numbers of white men in these protests (which is obviously going to happen as the fire rises).

New York Post:

NYU professor Scott Galloway said that college campuses were increasingly becoming reminiscent of Nazi Germany — and attributed the reason partly to young people not having enough sex.

“We need to enjoy sex,” Galloway offered to some initial confusion during an appearance on “Real Time” with Bill Maher Friday.

I think part of the problem is young people aren’t having enough sex so they go on the hunt for fake threats and the most popular threat through history is [antisemitism].”

“It’s easy to poke fun at these kids, but history has a way of repeating itself, and this is how it starts. In ’30s Germany, a progressive community, a thriving gay community, excellent academic institutions. And how it started, was it was fashionable to wear a brown shirt and mock students at the University of Vienna,’ Galloway said.

“And quite frankly, I’m really disappointed more Jews aren’t speaking out.”

These Jews always turn everything into some kind of sexually perverse gibberish. The Jews are a filthy group. They are obsessed with sex and poop. That’s why you have such abominations as Seth Rogan being promoted as pillars of entertainment culture. (The only Jew who made this material funny was Woody Allen, and then largely copying Allen, Larry David did the same bit and was also funny. Most of it is just puerile and abominable.)

It is in many ways a benign observation that young men – really all men under the age of forty – spend much too much time thinking about sex. We already understand this.

However, that does not somehow imply that everything men do is sexual in nature, and it certainly does not imply that men expend energy on things that are not likely to lead to sex because they are “sexually frustrated.” This concept of “sexual frustration” is a Jewish spook.

You could talk much more meaningfully about “sexual distraction,” and point to the oft-observed reality that men don’t achieve their great heights until after the sexual emotions calm down.

But if we were going to talk about the Palestine protests, we would instead be compelled to talk about the co-belligerent of young male sexuality, which is romanticism. Romanticism, which leads to idealism and a seeking of justice, is perhaps fueled by the sex hormone testosterone, and it can overlap with sexuality (in the obvious case of romantic sexual infatuation), but is distinct from sexuality.

Furthermore, the claim by the Jew in question asserts that the male protesters are unsuccessful sexually, and this leads them to want to stop the Jews from slaughtering children as a way of sublimation of the sexual impulse. In reality, the sexual impulse of the young man is fundamentally insatiable. This is to say that if you are a young, horny male, there is no amount of sex which can satisfy you. This goes back to the concept of “sexual frustration.” If sexual frustration were real, it would apply just as much to men getting no sex as it would to men having a lot of sex, given that there is always a desire among young men for more sex. The man getting a lot of sex does not have a lower sexual impulse than the man getting no sex at all.

It is unfortunate that we are forced to think in such vulgar terms, due to the Jews inserting these ideas into the public space, but there are ideas worthy of consideration here, even though none of them relate to the student protests in any way whatsoever.