Netherlands Royalty Can Do Gay Marriage Without Giving Up Throne, PM Says

Princess Amalia pictured with her father, King Willem-Alexander, on July 2021.

It’s time to rock your anus like a global warming-caused hurricane.

The Dutch are leading the way into a new era of anal royalty – where royals are judged not by where they ram their penises, but by the content of their blood.

The Guardian:

A Dutch monarch can marry a person of whatever gender they choose without forfeiting their right to the throne, prime minister Mark Rutte has said.

Rutte was responding to questions from parliament that arose from a recent book, Amalia, Duty Calls, which argued that old laws would appear to exclude the possibility of a same-sex couple on the throne, despite same-sex marriage being legal in the Netherlands since 2001.

The book is about Princess Amalia, the 17-year-old heir to King Willem-Alexander.

Amalia has not made any comments on the matter, and little is known of her personal life.

So is she even a dyke, or is this all just theoretical?

The most well-known fact about her personal life appears to be that she’s fat.

I thought we were going to see some kind of royal rimjob here.

Instead we’re just theorizing about a possible dyke.

Ah well.

At least we know that if some Dutch royal decides he wants to really go balls deep into another man’s asshole, he has a legal right to do so. ‘

But like all anuses, when it’s gaping open, you’ve just gotta shove something in it. So hopefully we get some anal royalty soon in Dutchland.