Do I Have to Comment on the GTA6 Trailer? I Don’t Have Anything to Say.

The first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer dropped on Monday. This is the latest installment in the most popular video game franchise in history, a series of narrative-driven and cinematic action adventure games where the player takes the role of a criminal and carries out various crimes, including the titular crime.

Making a new entry in this cultural phenomenon of a game series in the current year presents a very serious challenge. The last game in the series came out in 2013, which might as well have been the Middle Ages in terms of how much the culture has shifted.

It’s something that is necessarily out of place in our current “woke” society, as the game allows you to go on mass shooting sprees, to have sex with hookers and then kill them and take your money back, to run over Orthodox Jews in your race car. This is to say: the basic gameplay itself is something that violates the rules of the Western ninnying morality police, who hate the idea of fun, hate the idea of boys and men being able to let off steam by engaging in violent fantasies.

I’ll bet you 0.25 BTC Steve Rose is Jewish.

Take note: the one kind of violent fantasy you’ll always be able to engage in is military violence, because Jews always need boys willing to sign up to go murder people for them in foreign countries. However, mindless, ridiculous, funny violence fantasies have been so demonized by the feminized society that in Europe, the game risks being banned outright over “toxic masculinity.”

So of course, the solution is a female lead character.

Although the developer kept a pretty tight ship, there were GTA6 leaks several months ago, and they were real. You play as a Mexican woman. And it’s a love story, so you’re going to be playing as a woman having sex with a man.

Developed and published by gaming giant Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling game of all time, and possibly the single most profitable entertainment product of all time. It’s likely made almost $10 billion.

If the cultural climate did not have this hostility towards allowing boys and men to engage with their natural, base urges, it would have been really easy to top the GTA5 earnings with the sequel, just by following the model. No one wants a reinvented wheel, they just want basically an updated version of the same thing.

But in the current climate, every major entertainment company has to be run like how Victoria Nuland runs the Ukraine war: just flush cash down the toilet. Again, it has to be stressed, in the current climate, that if Rockstar made a straight sequel to GTA5, it would not be remotely surprising if formerly white nanny states outside of the US just simply banned the game. It also wouldn’t come as a shock if in the US, various “private companies” tried to block distribution of the game.

In 2018, Rockstar made Red Dead Redemption 2, which, aside from a couple of gay missions about black people, was basically just a normal entertainment product with themes that could have been used in the 1980s. Red Dead, however, is not the cultural phenomenon that GTA is, and being set in the Old West, it is less likely to trigger complaints about modern issues. Along with extreme, ridiculous violence, GTA’s aesthetic was defined by edgy racist, sexist, anti-homosexual humor.

There was never any way they could make a good game under the current circumstances. The female lead was the smartest thing they could have done, because the whole woman thing is really what all of this comes down to. We can talk about Jews all day, but women are the ones who enforce these rules, and making the lead a woman means the game can be advertised as empowering women.

Do You Want to be a Woman?

I assume the game will still be competent (unlike most major Western releases these days), and it will probably be profitable. But the profits will be nothing like the previous installment. A lot of people are going to protest. I mean, I’m not buying this shit. There’s no way in hell. And I’m actually not as hardcore about protesting entertainment with a little bit of “woke” in it as you might think. I love this show Invincible, even though the main character has an inexplicably negroid girlfriend. That’s something I think is dumb and frustrating, but it’s not really a core element of the product, and I’m either conservative enough or buck-broken enough that it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

When the main character of your game is a woman and Mexican, and you’re being asked to “self-insert” as a woman (who is also Mexican), the core product is nonviable.

Hades is one of my all-time favorite games (at least of the last few years). I said I wouldn’t play Hades 2, because they replaced the male lead with a woman. However, the situation is not nearly as extreme, as the core gameplay is just looking down at a figure.

It’s not a story driven game.

GTA is story driven and cinematic. So you’re supposed to insert yourself into a story about a woman.

Action films where the traditional male lead is replaced with a woman have failed, repeatedly, even though at least half of a movie’s audience is potentially women (the female player base of GTA would be a fraction of a fraction of a percent). Presumably, women don’t like the films either, as despite constant media badgering about how they should, they general don’t have fantasies about being action heroes. Women still like romantic films, dramatic human stories, and horror.

The Marvels, a comic book film about nonwhite women action heroes, just bombed. It’s the first MCU movie to lose money, and it will lose over $200 million (if you consider the advertising budget, it could even be significantly higher). Before that, 2016’s Ghostbusters, the first big time they did this “we replaced your men with women” thing on a big scale, lost over $100 million.

To be fair, with films, there are some exceptions. I will give all of the ridiculous Milla Jovovich action films a pass, not because she’s hot, mind you (although she is hot, before a few years ago, all women in films were hot), but because the films are just ridiculous and fun. You’re not seriously supposed to believe that the 40kg supermodel is a super-killer. There’s a self-conscious awareness that “bad-ass chick” is goofy, and she’s Russian and doesn’t have the feminist attitude that would make her want to play this stuff straight. Further, the films are all pure spectacle, rather than wish-fulfillment (which is what most action movies are).

It’s probably impossible to have exceptions for a narrative-driven video game. So it is actually possible that the game could lose money. They are likely spending over half a billion dollars on it.

(Nb4: “The exception is Tomb Raider.” Maybe there is an argument there, I’m not sure. It’s not the same genre. Even the more recent games are basically platformers, not cinematic story games in the way GTA5 was. They don’t ask the player to imagine being the character in the same way. The recent Tomb Raider games have not sold well. Further: I think the popularity of Tomb Raider in the 1990s among millennials is a reason for the rise in trannies. At the time, it was a good platformer with a silly character, and it wasn’t political, but I think some people who played it got into the idea of “ohhh, I wish I could be a sexy lady.”)

Are These Graphics Any Kind of Leap? Or is This on Par with Whatever the Latest Ubisoft Game Is?

Although it’s not even really the point, I have to ask: did you guys think the graphics in this trailer were pretty unremarkable? I thought I was maybe just hating, but I watched it again, and I think several of the models look bad and move like models from the previous console generation. It’s obviously motion capture, in theory, but there are several clips where the people don’t look or move like people.

I watched the beach scene several times, and it simply doesn’t look good:

The way this model moves is definitely not the result of mo-cap:

The quality is variable, because this (ironically) did look great:

I’m sure the lighting and textures are all very impressive, but based on this trailer, this doesn’t look better than whatever the most recent Ubisoft game is. You would hopefully expect Rockstar to be pushing the limits on the graphics here – they always have before. But this game looks like it could potentially look worse than RDR2.

But hey – maybe they were rushed to put out the trailer and included some stuff that wasn’t finished.

It sure would be hilarious though if along with being a disastrous attack on the core player base with the story and characters, it ended up having a bunch of graphical and technical problems.

It’s been close to 15 years ago that the devs were making GTA5, so it seems unlikely that even 15% of the team would be the same people, just because of the way video game devs tend to move around (and the way that so much of the industry effectively amounts to contract work). But it is within the realm of possibility that it could be a technical disaster along with being a brutal abandonment of the customer.

Here’s a thought experiment: would there be forces who would want it to be a technical disaster in order to downplay the fact that people are really going to hate the story?

I kinda doubt it, but it’s an interesting thought.

The real issue is that competent people who are creatives don’t want to work on woke garbage. Again, it probably won’t be a technical disaster. That seems unlikely, given that we saw both the initial RDR2 console launch and then the PC launch pulled off brilliantly. RDR2 was released on PC in 2019, and it is still the go-to game to test a video card. Advances in graphics are slower these days, but it’s still wild that the best looking game out there is 4 years old. (Note: Sony’s 2022 Spider-Man PC release might look better, but it would be a close call.)

The Hot Take

The hot take on the GTA6 trailer is that it’s setting up a fun satire of current year America. Aside from the story aspects, the trailer shows the game’s world, a city based on Miami. It is a bunch of fat black people and goofy Mexican gangsters, and the whites are all grimy trailer trash. It’s all hyper-sexualized, and there is clearly an element of the series’ classic satire in the visuals of the city.

If you were really hoping for the best, you’d be hoping that the entire thing is pure satire, and it is all just a scathing mockery of this collapsing empire and its decadent and depraved inhabitants.

It’s produced by Rockstar North, which is in Edinburgh, and the majority of the Rockstar devs have always been British. So I’m sure that while having vowed publicly not to follow the games’ tradition of “mocking marginalized groups,” they are poking a bit of fun, as they have in the past.

However, hoping that this is going to be the focus of the game is ill-advised. While the trailer does do a lot of pans of absurdist American depravity, it is focused on the “Bonnie and Clyde” story of the Mexican woman and her lover, and this is played completely straight. It could be a self-aggrandizing JLo production about the empowerment of the Mexican slut.

You should harden yourselves now: don’t buy the game. If you keep buying this stuff, they are going to keep making it. Just stop doing it. If you can’t miss it, wait for the PC version and… you know the thing. (Only do the thing if it’s legal in your country, of course. Always abide by local copyright laws.)


Reports are that the trailer is getting a lot of downvotes. I still don’t actually even know how people know that, given that YouTube made them invisible. (I don’t feel like looking that up right now – I think I looked it up before and couldn’t understand. There was some kind of browser addon, I think, but it didn’t seem to give accurate numbers.) Anyway, this trailer is why YouTube disabled dislikes, which is just so sickening to even think about.

It’s definitely getting a lot of views. It might break the 24-hour record.

(In case anyone is interested, some BTS song had 101 million in 24 hours, and at 17 hours, the GTA6 trailer has 74 million. It’s noon EST at time of writing, so it’s got a good chance of breaking BTS’ record by getting 26 million views in the next 5 hours. Frankly, a song isn’t a fair comparison, because a lot of people listen to new songs they like on repeat.)

It’s so sickening that they removed downvotes. There is no real way to gauge public reaction. There is so much censorship, and the press are such shills (everyone in the press is celebrating the trailer, which should tell you a lot – they don’t celebrate GTA5’s continuing popularity, and just a few months ago, Macron blamed the game for Arab riots). There is ostensibly a lot of hope for the game on 4chan. I find 4chan depressing and annoying at this point, but a brief perusal included both my take – that it’s going to be a serious empowered woman story – and the hot take I mentioned of it being focused on satire.

The fact that our society is so locked down that you’re not even allowed to try to understand public opinion is incredible. Just imagine removing the dislike count: the only possible reason for that is to prevent people from understanding popular opinion. (They said “oh it’s because a lot of people who don’t like woke material are downvoting woke material” – that’s literally just describing what popular opinion is and then saying the public doesn’t have a right to understand it, because it goes against the consensus of the authorities.)

The reason for this is that popular opinion is usually driven by… popular opinion. So if you can make it impossible to know what popular opinion actually is, by removing organic systems like the YouTube up/down system, and engaging in widespread censorship more generally, you can put out a fake popular opinion, and people will be inclined to agree with it because when a human doesn’t immediately have a strong opinion on something based on his personal beliefs or a gut reaction, his default is to agree with what everyone else thinks (by the way, I’m not someone who says there is something wrong with this – it’s the way our biology works – but it is easily exploited).

I get the feeling that a lot of the positive “this is hilarious satire” comments on 4chan and elsewhere are just Rockstar bots. They’re a clever company, and honestly, using bots in this way is now a standard practice for every industry, so there is no consequence for getting caught. The media would celebrate them for “utilizing technology to push back against sexism.”

Grand Theft Auto 6 is due for release in 2025. I’m not going to buy it.