New Instructions for ICE Make Claiming Asylum Much Easier

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It was a big news story that Biden was going to allow fewer people to cross the border without “legitimate” asylum claims. He signed an executive order earlier this week.

Then, immediately after that – on the same day, in fact – he announced he is going to make it much easier to claim asylum.

The executive order supposedly restricting immigration will likely not result in even one fewer immigrant being allowed to enter America.

It’s all a big hoax.

New York Post:

On the same day the Biden administration announced new restrictions on how many migrants will be allowed over the border, a memo was sent to border enforcers mandating new measures to make it as easy as possible to claim asylum.

Instructions from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Patrick J. Lechleitner to his team includes the installation of signs seemingly instructing migrants what to say to qualify for asylum.

The email also points to “trembling, shaking” or even staying completely silent as behavior, which can back up the “credible fear” of being returned to a home country migrants need to display to claim asylum.

Lechleitner’s email, obtained by The Post, states: “ICE has long recognized that a fear or intention to apply for asylum or related protection can be manifested in many different ways.

“Indeed, a fear may be manifested verbally, non-verbally, or physically,” he wrote, adding that indications of fear can include “trembling, shaking, unusual behavior, changes in tone of voice, incoherent speech patterns, panic attacks, or an unusual level of silence.”

According to Lechleitner’s email, signs must also be posted in several areas of ICE detention facilities.

They say if migrants are “hungry or thirsty,” need “medical care,” fear “persecution or torture if removed from the United States,” or if they are “victims of abuse … sexual assault”, or “have witnessed a crime” they should tell an officer and “your claim will be heard.”

The signs must have translations available in Spanish, and 13 other languages, including Chinese, Punjabi and K’iche’ — an indigenous Central American language.

There also must be a video “explaining to noncitizens that they should raise these concerns” that “should be played on a loop.”

The videos must be played in in-processing areas,” the email reads.

The amount of lawless (and often homeless) immigrants on the streets of America has become a major issue, even for wealthy Democrat voters. So the government had to pretend like they were going to do something.

However, they set it all up in such a way that they are not actually going to do anything.

There is no stopping this eternal wave of brown sludge washing up on the shores of our once great nation.