New Jersey: Biggest Teachers’ Union Demands Basic Skills Test for New Teachers be Abolished

Here’s some stupid Fox News bullshit to get outraged over.

We’re hitting all the hits today.

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Fox News:

A New Jersey teachers union wants to change the state’s standards for entering the profession.

The Garden State currently requires that candidates for teacher certification pass a basic skills test called the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, which demonstrates proficiency in reading, writing and math.

As another way of showing competency in basic skills, new teachers can show SAT, ACT or GRE scores in the top third percentile the year they were taken.

However, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) believes that abolishing the basic skills test will “eliminate unnecessary barriers” to the teaching profession and promote equity.

“Last year, New Jersey eliminated the edTPA, a barrier to becoming a certified teacher. Now it’s time to eliminate another barrier: the basic skills test for teachers,” a statement from the teachers union reads. The union called on Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy to sign a bill to end the requirement.

Wow, I’m shocked and outraged.