UK: Tommy Robinson Keeps on Kikesucking After Getting Kiked Off of His Own Rally

Tommy seems more worried about people hating Jews than about Jews hating him

To be clear: Tommy Robinson basically is this rally. There is no pro-Jewish movement in the UK without Tommy Robinson. I guess there are Jews, who presumably support themselves, but they would be too timid to form a march.

Tommy Robinson somehow spun a massive philosemitic street movement out of anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK. It’s actually wild. People go to him thinking he’s the anti-immigration guy, they walk away talking about how great the Jews are and how they want to serve the Jews.

I’m not British and I’ve never met Tommy Robinson, but it looks like total witchcraft to me. I just can’t understand what the hell is going on, where this drive comes from. You’d think all the anti-immigrant people would get together against this guy who’s totally destroyed their movement.

He started out as anti-immigrant, then he slowly turned it into “anti-jihadist” and pro-immigrant, even though there is no Islamic terrorism in the UK. He calls all Moslems “jihadists” and says he wants them to stop being Moslems. And the whole thing is about the Jews, who, somehow, he fails to mention are the ones pushing the entire immigration agenda.

People claim that he’s part Jewish and that’s why he does this, but I’ve seen no evidence of that. His real name is a hyphenated name that includes “Lennon,” which is sometimes Jewish, but it’s also not always Jewish (John Lennon wasn’t Jewish), and it’s his step-father’s name anyway.

This appears to be a case of a man with no values at all being paid to shill. He’s a total faggot as well. He was sentenced to a few months in jail and started whining and trying to get “asylum” in the US. He literally did that under the pretext that the US is controlled by Jews, and he’s their servant.

Of course, the Jews do not actually like him, and view his sycophancy as embarrassing (it’s the same way they feel about the Christian Zionists they fleece).

Robinson also claims to be pure Irish while constantly using the word “English.”

The Guardian:

Organisers of a march against antisemitism billed as Britain’s biggest since the second world war have demanded that the far-right leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon stay away.

Yaxley-Lennon, who uses the name Tommy Robinson, has claimed to support the aims of the march through central London due to be held this Sunday.

After he’s banned, the Guardian points out that the ponce uses a fake name? In the lede, they do this humiliating act?

Organisers say it will be the biggest protest against anti-Jewish hatred since the 1936 Cable Street protests against Oswald Mosley’s blackshirts.

Britain’s Jewish communities have suffered a large rise in antisemitism since the Middle East exploded into crisis after the Hamas attacks against Israel on 7 October. Police said up to 50,000 people were expected at Sunday’s march.

Hm. Wonder why?

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Contrary to what Tommy Robinson appears to believe, the drunken far-right thugs who came to ‘protect the Cenotaph’ on Armistice Day, some of whom shouted ‘sieg heil’ or hospitalised police officers, are not allies of the Jewish community and are not welcome at our solidarity march on Sunday 26 November.

“We look forward to seeing those who genuinely support our community and invite all of our allies to join us and march shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with British Jews.”

No one genuinely supports you. The only people who support you are paid to do so.

On 11 November, Armistice Day, Robinson supporters were among those who attacked police after claiming to be protecting war monuments from pro-Palestine marchers.

The Met deputy assistant commissioner Ade Adelekan said: “Having spoken to the Campaign Against Antisemitism, Tommy Robinson is not welcome at the march on Sunday.”

Police said they were aware that Robinson might try to attend posing as a reporter.

Imagine, Jews tell this guy “stop sucking” and he looks for secret, sneaky ways to suck.

He’s presumably employed by the Israelis rather than local British Jews, by the way. He infamously went to Israel in 2016 and took the gayest looking “macho” photo ever.

Nigga you are in your 30s. Do not wear flip-flops, ever. If you’re gonna wear flip-flops, wear slides.

Adelekan added: “What we cannot see and what we will not let happen, is the kind of violence that happened on 11 November. We’ve got enough officers in order to make sure we prevent that from happening.”

This weekend will see pro-Palestine protesters resume their large-scale marches through central London, with police expecting more than 100,000 to join in.

This article is two days old. Sorry. You can blame Snake Baker for that. He does this constantly, sets me up like this. I take over his articles, see the headline and think of a good intro, then realize it’s old news.

It’s not really “old news,” but the march was yesterday. They are every Saturday now.

Adelekan warned of tougher tactics against religious or racial hatred, or appearing to support Hamas or its massacres, which would break anti-terrorism laws.

It will be the fifth such march and, while organisers have won praise from police for their cooperation, a handful of people attending have displayed potentially illegal signs.

Police will hand out leaflets warning that hate chants or placards, as well as support for Hamas, will lead to potential arrest and prosecution.

Some in Jewish communities say the now-regular pro-Palestine marches on a Saturday leave them feeling scared to enter central London.

It’s just simply amazing that the Jews are slaughtering babies – still, they’re doing that – and then claiming to be victims.

This is surely how they got kicked out of 109 countries, isn’t it? By doing evil things and then claiming victimhood? It’s the victim thing that is so disgusting. It makes whatever original evil like six million times worse.

This Jew decides what you can say in Britain

I can’t find out whether or not Tommy ended up sneaking in to the kike march to do a bit of the old sucky-sucky. He said on Twitter he was going to go anyway, but he didn’t post any updates showing that he was there.

I did see this tweet:

It’s very typical. Tommy is the actual traitor. He sold his country and his race out to the Jews.

Those Pakis are not traitors. They are foreigners. They are bringing their own people in. They could actually be viewed as very patriotic.

It’s wild that the leaders of the UK, Scotland, and Ireland are all Indian. That seems like a way bigger problem than the “jihad” no one can see.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.