New Maryland Law Makes Child Sacrifice Easier, No Need to be a Doctor to Perform Abortion

Wasn’t the whole premise of legalizing abortion that it was going to be safe for a doctor to do it, instead of prostitutes and sluts giving each other abortions in back alleys with coat hangers?

Now we’re headed towards “do it yourself home abortion kits”?

The Guardian:

Maryland has become the 15th US state to allow health professionals other than doctors to carry out abortions, as part of a bill expanding access to reproductive rights for women.

Under the new law, midwives, senior nurses and trained doctor’s assistants will be authorised to perform medical abortions from 1 July. The bill also directs the state to ring-fence $3.5m a year for abortion-care training.

The bill was vetoed by the Republican governor, Larry Hogan, but approved on Saturday with substantial majorities in the state house and senate.

The law, which may face legal challenge from anti-choice groups, also requires most insurance companies to cover the cost of an abortion at no cost to the patient. The average cost of an abortion is $500 but costs vary widely across the US and can be much higher when accounting for travel and days off work.

The Maryland legislation comes amid a surge in bills in Republican-run states seeking to severely restrict or ban access to abortion.

Last week, a young woman was jailed in Texas after being accused of causing the “death of an individual by self-induced abortion”.

Lizelle Herrera, 26 and from Starr county, was released on Sunday after charges were dropped amid widespread condemnation.

Yeah, it’s not really a crime, even though it does definitely look like murder, because the human is just too small to consider it murder. It’s like stepping on an ant, or sucking the brains out of a midget – come on.

[Meme that shows an aborted fetus removed by editor – we’ve posted these pictures before, years ago, but I think every reader knows what a tiny mutilated body looks like at this point. If we’re ever going to post these images again, it will be with a warning.]

See? It’s tiny!

Who cares about tiny stuff? We’ve got big stuff to care about, like Ukraine and the right of toddlers to learn that the anus is not just for pooping.