Newcastle: Successful March – But Nine Arrested for Burning Jew and Homo Flags!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2015

It's happening.
It’s happening.

On Saturday March 21st, National Action staged a demonstration in Newcastle – White Man March.

At the protest, at least nine men were arrested for “inciting racial hatred” when they burned the flags of the Jews and the faggots.  At time of writing, it appears that these men are still in custody.

The protest was fantastic, and exactly – exactly – what we need more of. Perfectly hardcore. The boys gave straight-arm salutes and accurately chanted that Hitler was right.

The BBC reports that Assistant Chief Constable Winton Keenen said that his gang would not “tolerate people engaging in behavior that could negatively impact our communities.”

Meanwhile, Moslems are allowed to burn the British flag with impunity. On top of that, they are allowed to rove around drugging, gang-raping and trafficking little White girls with impunity. But as we have seen, the British authorities do not view child-trafficking by Moslems as something which could “negatively impact our communities.”

Northumbria Police are claiming that 100 people were involved in the demonstration, while there were only 70 counter-demonstrators. The police generally report skewed numbers, so it is encouraging that even by their numbers there were less reds than nationalists.