Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones Quash the Beef in Friendly Interview

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Author’s note: The one-hour interview (above) can be watched before or after reading this. It’s up to you and your schedule. And of course, you’ll understand what is going on even if you just read the article, though the interview is something very interesting, and I think my observations here will be a lot more interesting combined with the interview.

Conspiracy theorist (he believes in every conspiracy except the Jew ones) Alex Jones has completely redeemed himself with a fake debate with anti-Semitic spokesperson and male fashion model Nick Fuentes, that ended up being an awesome interview without a debate element.

I would now pay $9.99 for a live stream subscription of Jones eating $92,000 worth of exotic illegally imported Chinese wet market food per month (including, allegedly, copious pangolin).

Let me tell you a story. I spent over ten years listening to Alex Jones. He taught me a lot of information that is still relevant. However, when I realized the Jew thing, and realized that Alex knew the Jew thing and was covering it up for financial reasons, I just about snapped.

This led to a bullying troll campaign against Jones, which culminated in Jones agreeing to interview David Duke. I wasn’t really happy with how it went. David Duke is what he is, I think he’s a good person who means well, but I think the goal of the interview should have been reaching some kind of peace accord with Jones. Instead, Duke just blasted him with Zio-facts.

Afterward, I of course celebrated it, and called it “The Jonestown Massacre,” because you have to spin things, and in a lot of ways it was a victory, because Jones could not respond to these Zio-facts.

However, despite the fact that he covers up the Jew issue and sometimes even actively shills for Israel, he’s a powerful voice (and a personality I can’t help but love), and I think if someone hands you an olive branch, you grab it. You don’t chainsaw it, like a baby-killer Zionist Jew.

The symbolism of Jews literally going around the West Bank and chainsawing off the branches of olive trees is just too funny. Have I ever written about that?

I don’t think I’m responsible for this Nick interview, but I know Alex reads the site, and though it’s very unlikely he has the same affection for me that I have for him, I think he does prefer positive coverage from me.

I can’t guarantee indefinite positive coverage, as this guy is not consistent, but today, I have nothing but praise for Alex Jones.

Well, actually, I have one thing that isn’t praise: I disagree with Nick that Alex isn’t lying about Jews. He is definitely lying about Jews. This isn’t some boomer fugue state he’s experiencing. He purposefully lies about the Jews.

I understand why Nick said he doesn’t think he’s a liar (even though he knows as well as I do that he is): because he was being cordial and having a normal conversation and not really shilling that hard.

This is like my bit I’ve been doing about the rules of war, and how Hamas is justified in killing Jew civilians because Israel kills Arab civilians: war is tit-for-tat. On some level, all human conflict follows this tit-for-tat rule. If someone is cordial with you, you respond in kind, and you don’t go for the throat. That was my issue with the Duke interview all those years ago. He went too much for the throat, even though Alex was presumably fine with letting Duke say his piece and then just saying “oh well, I don’t agree with that, but I agree that you have a right to say it.”

Before the show, when I thought this was going to be a debate – there was reason to believe Alex was going to be more aggressive than he turned out being – I said Nick should hit him on his stolen valor “most censored man alive” bullshit, and point out that he’s got VISA card processing on his snake oil site, something which neither Nick nor I have. But, given that Alex was cool, I’m very glad he didn’t do that.

Nick was able to expose himself to Alex’s audience in a comfortable and non-confrontational setting. Alex did shill for Israel and lied about Jews and Zionism. (There was one point where he kept saying the WEF was not Jewish and run by Noah Harari, and I just about snapped when Nick didn’t point out that Harari is an Israeli Jew. Nick did everything else perfectly, I think, and he’s only human, but Alex is all like “it’s not the Jews, it’s the WEF – Noah Harari!” and he said it like three times and I was screaming at the screen “NICK, HARARI IS FUCKING JEWISH – HE’S LITERALLY FROM ISRAEL – DELIVER THE DEATH BLOW!” He didn’t, but that’s fine. He delivered all the other deathblows to the “it’s not really the Jews exactly” narrative that Alex was pushing, and Alex didn’t throw any kind of fit, and kept giving Nick long interrupted periods to talk while Alex would walk off stage and “go to get coffee” (I seriously doubt it was coffee).

It’s really great stuff, and I recommend everyone watch the full hour above. (The audio goes out of sync, which doesn’t really bother me because I mostly just listen, but, I don’t know, you can try to find a better version somewhere – that’s the best I can do. Everything is censored, it is what it is.)

Alex Jones Drinks Too Much

I’ve written about Alex a lot lately, mostly negatively, after it was revealed he spends $92,000 a month on food (the joke is that the only way that is possible is that he’s illegally importing bizarre Chinese wet market delicacies, such as pangolin). It’s frustrating because though I’m not dead broke (thanks to a few generous readers and my own skills with shitcoining), I’m basically broke. The site has been losing money for like a year and a half, because no one will use Monero (and I insist on it exclusively to protect the reader from getting backtraced – like, I’m paying money to protect readers who won’t pay me using the safe method). I have all of these retarded expenses related to being the banned man.

So… it’s incredibly frustrating to see Alex Jones gorging himself on illegally imported kangaroo testicle soup. I could be eating kangaroo testicle soup if I had VISA processing. If I had access to the financial system – let alone my website and social media – I’d be beating the shit out of,,, and all of these rest of these competitors. The reason I don’t have access to the financial system is that I attack the Jewish world conspiracy. I do that for the sake of the truth. So I’m in a ghetto, while Alex Jones is lying for money, eating sautéed rhinoceros testicles illegally imported from Africa by the Chinese mafia – and then this guy has the nerve to go out and say “I’m the most banned man.”

He’s not the most banned man. It’s stolen valor. I’m the most banned man, the second is Nick. Because of the lawsuits, Alex might be number 3, I would have to think about it. Ricky Vaughn would be higher, because he actually was federally prosecuted for memes, though that’s a little bit different (on that scale, Ricky would be higher than me – I’ve never faced federal prosecution for jokes on the internet). Kiwi Farms is sort of more banned, but that’s not really even political; they were organizing gang-stalking campaigns against prominent trannies (it’s sort of political, because they targeted protected groups, but not really for political reasons).

Yesterday, I wrote a piece defending so-called “alcoholism” as a valid life strategy. It was obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek and meant to be provocative. At its core, it was an attack on the “temperance” movement, which is a feminist movement that once successfully banned alcohol completely, and to this day, continues to say you have “a disease” if you drink what would have been considered a normal amount of alcohol in the 19th century and throughout all of history before that. (Traditional amounts of alcohol are still used in most of Europe – definitely Russia – and most other places that are not part of the Islamic world.) I also attack the “Alcoholics Anonymous” voodoo cult, which kills people. It’s also a bit of self-depreciating humor, referencing my own alcohol use. I think it’s a funny and thought-provoking piece.

See: Alcoholism is a Hoax, You Gay Retard

Let Me Just Go Ahead and Pull the Wizard of Oz Curtain Back – Everyone Smart Already Understands It Anyway

The Daily Stormer has gone old school, with some new flavor, as a result of the fact that I’ve developed a brain tumor which is giving me religious delusions. The old school Stormer model was to push the most extreme form of some idea that attacks the core of an established Western cultural shibboleth. It’s especially funny when these are consciously self-serving, like “alcoholism is actually healthy” or “13-year-old girls should be legally forced to marry men in their 30s.” This is a form of self-depreciating humor, which is not actually self-depreciating, but depreciating to everyone on earth other than me. After putting out the outrage materials, and causing a big ruckus, I would nonchalantly, at some point later, clarify the point and tone it down a bit. It’s an incredibly creative and clever use of a communications medium that I invented called “spending ten hours a day typing on the internet about all of the topics, primarily aiming the material at gifted teenage boys while pretending to be some kind of daily news website that is constantly criss-crossing between shock humor and serious ideas I actually believe.”

Pic unrelated (that’s a 4chan reference – edgy, huh?): This article doesn’t have enough pictures. This is a photograph I took of a woman at a Halloween party last night after I flashed her. I don’t usually just go around flashing women, but I had a mask on, and it seemed really funny to me.

Actually, I’m not going to tone down that alcoholism article, because frankly, it isn’t very extreme and I was completely serious about all of it. However, while “alcoholism” the “behavior disease” is not real (come on – “behavior disease”? It’s gibberish), it is important to note that there is such a thing as “a drunk,” and these people have a lot of problems. As opposed to an “alcoholic,” who has a “behavioral disease” which causes alcohol to jump into his mouth and swim down his throat against his will (a concept on par with “trannies” in terms of the level of adult seriousness), a drunk is someone who makes the decision to drink way too much.

Alex Jones is a legitimate drunk. He is functional. He does his job, and though he had a divorce, he seems to be able to manage his family. But he drinks way more than any person on earth should (other than a homeless schizophrenic, which is a group that has an excuse to drink unlimited amounts of alcohol, because, I mean, come on – what are they supposed to do?). Further, I’m also pretty certain Alex abuses various narcotic pills and possibly cough syrup.

Alex Jones has a lot of stress in his life. I would put him in the top 1%. But I’m also, frankly, in that group, and I don’t drink like he drinks. I’m also in good shape, because I go to the gym long before I start drinking, and I eat healthy (along with illegal delicacies imported by the Chinese mafia, Alex eats goyslop, and probably drinks beer at night). Alex is an obese glutton. He needs to start playing RimWorld or something, and cutting down on the alcohol.

He’s making bad decisions about how to deal with his problems, and I believe this has led him to a lack of moral clarity.

The reason that the Bible prohibits drunkenness is that it causes people to commit other sins. What Alex does, in lying to people about Jews, is a pretty major sin. It’s more than the sin of lying, as he’s abusing a leadership position to defraud his followers, for the purpose of personal financial gain. We’d have to call a priest for the specifics, but this is major league sin. I believe it is exacerbated by the fugue state created by decades of substance abuse. (By the way – I know “substance abuse” is also a mainstream term like “alcoholism,” but “substance abuse” is a totally valid piece of terminology with an obvious and clear meaning – the “abuse” part directly implies “poor decision making.”)

I would say that the obesity also muddles moral clarity. The Bible is clear that you’re not supposed to do that to your body. It’s called “gluttony” and it’s one of the seven deadly sins.

All that having been said: when Alex screams about things, and when he yells about God and Jesus, you can see that there is a good man lost in there somewhere. On his current path, I think we have to say he’s most likely going to Hell (Alex, I know you’re reading this and I hope you think about that, even though you don’t like me). But he is a man with some conscience. And I think the good man behind the haze of the bourbon, underneath all of those rolls of fat, shined through during his interview with Nick Foientays on Wednesday.

It was inspiring, in a way, to see Jones do something righteous by letting Nick say what he’s going to say, and then being friendly.

You’ll recall that during the infamous Nick/Kanye/AJ interview, Alex was interrupting to scream lies about Adolf Hitler being a bad person. Then, he went on Steven Crowder, and did damage control, including smearing Nick as a homosexual. This was all totally different vibes. Alex even apologized for the gay smear.

It’s happy times. Everything is so happy these days.

It all feels like that time in Morocco when me and my friend were on the very back car of the train and chugging beers and throwing them off the back because it wasn’t clear if the train conductors were some kind of Islamic police that were going to take our beers from us, mashallah.

Then when we went to Marrakesh we went to this brothel where there’s an imam that marries you to the hooker on the way in and divorces you on the way out.

That story is all recorded in a song I wrote with David Crosby. Working with Crosby, who came to visit me shortly before his timely death earlier this year, was one of the proudest moments of my life.

Note: I don’t know if, now that I’m a David Koresh type of religious leader with a messiah complex, I’m supposed to tell stories about hookers. I’m pretty sure it’s allowed, as a term of public confession. But who’s to say? I guess I’m the one to say, because I’m the one with the religious delusions, and I say: yes!

By the way, if you see Nick, tell him I have a letter for him, which is one of the currently non-public parts of the Illness Revelations (Illness Revelations letters, of which there are a lot, may be published at a later time as a collection called “The Illness Letters”). Also, tell him I wrote a folk song for him, but it’s been a long time since I played guitar and I need a couple of months before I can record it. Also, Crosby told me the song was “trash,” and I was like “says the guy who was literally in a band with Neil Young, you fat slob.” He said he’d help me rewrite it, but by that time, I was thinking about Neil Young, and told him to just leave. He died two days later.


I realized I forgot to say something pretty important: I don’t think Jones is a fed or a Zionist agent. I think he’s just as paranoid as he acts, and he would be really careful about that. It is suspicious he says his dad was some kind of intelligence, but that might not even be true. I think the situation is exactly what it looks like: Alex makes over ten million a year, and he knows that would not be the case if he was talking about the Jews.

I could be wrong about that, of course. But that’s my feeling. I don’t think a fed or a direct Zionist agent would have Nick on like this, and basically promote him. (I don’t think he would have done the unfortunate David Duke thing either. He might have done the Nick/Kanye thing, because that turned into this huge psyop. But in general, I’ve observed Jones significantly, and I think he’s a shill for the shekels.)

Of course, he justifies that in his own bourbon-soaked brain by saying he’s doing the right thing because “if I told the whole truth I wouldn’t be able to get any information out, and now I can get a lot of it out.” But of course, it’s pretty convenient that “doing the right thing” according to this logic lines up with being in a position to spend $92,000 a month on food, while talking about Jews lines up with being a broke ass nigga.