Niggaroo Arrested for Raping and Stabbing Teenage White Girl to Death in 1980

Alvin Ray Allen.

Well I’ll be damned.

It was a dindu this whole time.

Fox 13 Memphis:

A 19-year-old Alabama woman was found raped and stabbed to death on a dead-end Mobile street 39 years ago.

On Tuesday, a day short of the grim anniversary of Sandra Cassidy Williams’ killing, her family got a measure of justice as a suspect was arrested in connection with her death.

Alvin Ray Allen, 61, is being held in the Mobile County Jail on a murder charge following a standoff with police. NBC15 reported that when detectives arrived on Allen’s doorstep with a warrant, he slammed the door in their faces and refused to come out.

Allen’s wife left the house peacefully, but it took a SWAT team robot entering the home to get Allen to surrender to authorities, the news station said.

Footage from multiple local media shows Allen walking slowly into the yard with his hands above his head. As he knelt on the ground, officers moved forward and handcuff him.

WKRG reported in 2017 that cold case investigators, prompted by Williams’ sister, Judy Barfield, were taking a renewed interest in the young woman’s Sept. 11, 1980, slaying. Williams’ body was found on Clemente Court, which is now a cul-de-sac, about eight miles from her apartment complex on Azalea Road.

“It’s been a long time coming, and she needs to rest,” Barfield told the news station at the time. “Those beautiful green eyes of hers, that pretty smile and that brown hair. It’s time for her to rest.”

Sandra Cassidy Williams.