Russia Blows Up Airbase Where US was Planning to Store F-16s

Russia can blow up the F-16s themselves.

Russia can blow up anything in the Ukraine.

The plan to send F-16s only ever made sense if the US was planning to deploy these from Poland, which would make NATO a belligerent in the Ukraine war.


Russian forces have struck Ukrainian airbases that were set to house Western-supplied fighter jets, including US-designed F-16s, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has reported.

The Russian military launched a group strike on Thursday morning, employing long-range sea-based weapons, the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, and unmanned aerial vehicles to attack the “airfield infrastructure of Ukraine, planned to accommodate aircraft from Western countries,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The goal of the strike has been achieved. All designated targets have been hit,” it added, without specifying the number or location of the airfields that were struck.

The report comes as Kiev’s Western backers, including the US, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, have pledged to provide Ukraine with as many as 60 F-16s by the end of the year. However, none of the jets have yet been supplied.

Deliveries have apparently been held up because Ukrainian pilots are still only learning to operate the jets. Once they have completed their training by the end of the year, there will still only be a “handful” of pilots, according to recent media reports, which have also noted that Ukraine doesn’t have enough maintenance crews to service the jets.

None of these new weapons have done anything. The Ukraine just keeps losing.

F-16s were one of the stupidest ideas because they’re so expensive, and they’re just going to get blown up on the ground.