Norway: Refugee “From Iran” Charged with Terrorism for Shooting Faggots

Zaniar Matapour

He’s Kurdish, actually.

But for whatever reason, that doesn’t get printed.


A Norwegian citizen originally from Iran was charged Friday with aggravated terrorism for the 2022 deadly shooting ahead of an LGBTQ festival in the nightlife district of the capital, Oslo.

Two people were killed and nine seriously wounded in the shooting at three locations, chiefly outside the London Pub, a popular gay bar, on June 25, 2022.

Prosecutor Sturla Henriksbø said that Zaniar Matapour, 44, fired 10 rounds with a machine gun and eight shots with a handgun into a crowd at a street corner in the nightlife district where there were a total of 560 people. Before that, he took “an oath of allegiance to the Islamic State group.”

It would be really weird if an ethnic Persian did that, no?

“The attack caused great fear,” Henriksbø said. One of the victims was hit by four bullets, while the other one was killed by a single shot.

Matapour was arrested shortly after by bystanders and has has since been held on suspicion of being the shooter. Following the attack, a Pride parade was canceled, with the police saying they could not guarantee security. Matapour has refused to speak to investigators.

The faggots were very sad

Another prosecutor, Aud Kinsarvik Gravås, said four other suspects were linked to the shooting but they have not been charged as the investigation is still ongoing. Two of them are outside Norway. One of those suspected in the case is a leading Norwegian radical Islamist who is in hiding in Pakistan. The whereabouts of the other one was not known.

The trial against Matapour who reportedly arrived in Norway with his family from a Kurdish part of Iran in the 1990s, is scheduled to start in March and last for two months. If found guilty, he faces 30 years in prison.

It’s whatever. This was a long time ago. They held off on the prosecution and quieted the whole thing because at the time, Norway was trying to downplay Islamic violence, because the Jews told them to. Now, because the Jews are telling them to, all of Europe is trying to play-up Islamic violence, so we now have this back in the news.

Video from when it happened

You’re always going to have some of this sort of violence as long as you allow unlimited numbers of Moslems into your country and then try to force “European Values,” i.e., gay sex with men, onto them.

Iranians notably don’t engage in this type of violence, so it’s notable that the media is running that headline instead of saying “Kurdish terrorist,” but whatever. It’s to be expected.