Flashback: Rat Jew Ben Shapiro, A Terrorism Supporter, Supported Vax Mandates

This is filler. I’m clearly marking it here.


In the above video, Ben Shapiro gives his full argument in support of government vax mandates.

The video is from February 23, 2020. This is before the coronavirus vaccine. The first 7 minutes of the video are the relevant bits.

You will also notice in the video that Jews make very weird, awkward, uncomfortable faces all the time. These faces Jews make remind me of the faces made by an extreme pornography user. They have difficulty with eye contact, they are always twitching, they look guilty.

Shapiro was also #NeverTrump and is now a rabid supporter of Ron DeSantis, who has passed extreme anti-speech laws in Florida. DeSantis has a guy doing 30 days in jail for passing out fliers against Jews.

You may also be interested in Shapiro’s views on Jesus Christ:

Shapiro is not a “good Jew.” He is also not a libertarian.

He is just a regular Jew, and his political alignment is “Maximum Jew.” He supports whatever is good for Jews, and he pushes this basic conservative material, like “trannies shouldn’t be in women’s sports” to get Christian conservatives to think he is on their side. When they view him as on their side, they will then go along with him on the Israel issue, which is the only thing he actually cares about.

This is why he flipped out on Candace for calling for a ceasefire. He hired her to support Israel. That’s the entire purpose of his company (although it also does make obscene amounts of money, due to his protections on Facebook and YouTube).

If there was such a thing as a “good Jew,” he would call out the other Jews on their behavior. A Jew who defends Jewish nepotism and Jewish corruption, violence, and terror is not “good.” He’s just a Jew.